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10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in America

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biking in Washington
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8. Washington D.C.

  • Bike score: 69
  • Cyclist fatalities: 1
  • Bike-ability score: 58.5

The nation’s capital isn’t just a popular spot for politics but also for biking. According to a recent report, Washington D.C. is home to 6,100 Capital Bikeshare bikes and has 150 miles of bike trails and lanes. It’s one of the US cities with the best public transportation and was also ranked 4th on a top walkable cities list.

Here in our list, Washington D.C. comes in the 8th spot among the most bike-friendly cities in the US. Whether you want to pedal through town, mountain bike, or join the annual biking event, this city has you covered with an impressive variety of cycling options.

And there are forest and park bike trails to follow too. So it’s safe to say that Washington D.C.  provides a level of diversity for cyclists that is hard to beat anywhere else in America.

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