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6 Beautiful Hot Springs in Western USA for Seniors

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Are you in the era of enjoying life?

This is where you find some of the most beautiful hot springs to enjoy yourself, if you’re looking for the best spots to embrace outdoor adventures and a stress-free lifestyle.

Finding beauty in nature comes with a harmonious mix of activity and tranquility. No matter if you are a view-seeker, an adventurer, or a lounger, you can see the natural hot springs as a way to escape, relax, and re-energize yourself.

We probably share the same vision of connecting to Mother Earth by soaking in hot water sourced from the deep earth. You’ve probably visited a natural hot spring before, and you’re already aware of its magic.

Historically, natural hot springs have been used forever for ceremonies or healing purposes, so their properties have always been known and cherished. Nowadays, they provide enthusiasts with enchanting waters and breathtaking views that are the definition of finding peace of mind.

Healing mentally and physically in these waters that have been around for an eternity connects you with the feeling of simply being, with divine clarity, and with the ultimate body decompression.

Take a deep breath and let the beauty and the unknown forces dive you into your healing and elevating process.

These are the most beautiful places you must see if you’re passionate about places with natural hot springs.

Creek Falls, Oregon
Photo by Nick Fox from Shutterstock

1. Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon

The hot springs in Oregon, Umpaqua, are a must-visit.

More than the gorgeous series of seven hot springs located in an evergreen forest, the picturesque views are also a strong reason to go. The place is located close to other destinations, such as Toketee Falls, Watson Falls, or Fall Creek Falls.

You can experience it as an ideal jumping-off point, as the perfect end of an adventure day, or as multiple water-themed activities!

Where are you going to stay if you choose to visit Umpaqua?

Because the hot springs are open from sunrise to sunset, you won’t be able to camp there overnight. Although there are plenty of camping places in and around Umpaqua National Forest, you can check out Clearwater Forebay No. 2 for a pitch tent, or Tokotee Lake Campground and Diamond Lake Campground for more established, paid campgrounds.

2. Rainbow Hot Springs, Pagosa, CO

If this is one of the destinations that you plan to go to, the best time is between April and November. You’ll get the right balance of warm water and cool air. Me and my husband, Joshua, visited it in October, and the fall foliage really gave us a gorgeous view and atmosphere.

In the beautiful state of Colorado, there are Rainbow Hot Springs. They are located in the San Juan National Forest, on the north side of Pagosa Springs, CO. They are secluded mineral hot springs with amazing views, solitude, and calm. Arriving here requires a 4.5-mile hike, but for some, the journey is well worth it.

In addition, these locations contain three pools located beside the San Juan River. I’m happy to share with you something that I did: alternating the warm water with the chill rivers creates a new, unforgettable sensorial experience that comes with health benefits.

As for hiking, make sure you do your research before embarking on a journey to stay safe!

Don’t get lost, be aware of the rock crambling when you arrive close to the springs, and try to remain as stable and rested as possible. Generally, hot springs are very crowded because of their healing benefits, but this one is marked by a 9-mile roundtrip hike, which keeps most people away, ready to choose another one.

In case you need a camera to capture your journey and the beauty surrounding you, this is our suggestion.

3. Wild Willy’s Hot Spring, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Located east of Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Mountains, this natural hot spring comes with the best attraction: one of the largest heart-shaped pools in the area, separated from the hot stream.

This is one of the most crowded places due to its popularity and the accessible way of arriving. If you want to avoid the crowd, you can go early in the morning or choose to go on a weekday.

Nearby, you can find attractions such as McGee Creek RV Park and Campground or Convict Lake Campground.
For accommodation, only 20 minutes away you find the town of Mammoth with multiple hotels, resorts, or inns. There are also camping spots that are even free if you are the type of person to appreciate this experience. It’s important to check the maps well so as not to arrive on private properties.

enjoying hot spring water
Photo by N K from Shutterstock

4. Sykes Hot Spring, Big Sur, CA

Another beautiful one from California is in the area of Big Sur, where you will find one of the most idyllic hot springs with gorgeous surroundings and a sprinkle of adventure.

You find them deep in the Los Padres National Forest, and reaching them comes with a whopping 10-mile hike along the Pine Ridge trail.
There are popular camping areas like Barlow Camp or Sykes Camp. It’s important to be aware that you are in nature and to respect all the rules, especially the fire restrictions.

The place has been closed before because of overuse, and the area needs to be protected. It’s beautiful to leave the places we leave behind better than we found them, so choose to focus on this. Consider the impact, take care of the clutter, do not let anything behind you, and generally follow the No Trace Principle in all the places from nature you choose to go.

5. Big and Little Caliente Hot Springs, Santa Barbara, CA

California comes with beautiful surprises, like this collection of rustic pools located one hour and a half drive outside of Santa Barbara. They are called Big and Little Caliente Hot Springs for a reason.

What makes them so special?

To begin with, this enchanting oasis of calm and rustic atmosphere is going to seduce you. It is waiting for you at the end of a dirty road (especially after rain), and it’s going to be more than worthy.

There are campgrounds where you can choose to stay overnight, but you need to be prepared for the places where you can park your car.

Utah forest
Photo by Abbie Warnock-Matthews from Shutterstock

6. Inlet Hot Springs, Saratoga Springs, UT

Let’s go further with Utah! This state is famous for its multicolored forest and desert landscapes and is full of hot springs. One of the most rejuvenating and heartwarming spots is Inlet Hot Springs.

Unlike the ones presented earlier, it’s easy to access this one, which makes it the perfect choice for a family trip. It’s located in northern Utah, around a half-hour drive outside of Salt Lake City.

The location comes with easy walkways, a parking lot, and a huge pool. This one is popular with children and pets and is the favorite one around “the neighborhood.” It can be a little crowded sometimes, so if you prefer more privacy, try not to choose the fire hours.

Make sure you respect all the community rules and feel comfortable around people before going here. Feeling good and relaxed is a state of mind, but this beautiful place seems to be the soul of Utah, and there is something clearly special about it.

Well, have a good trip! Some ending tips: bring plenty of water with you, stay hydrated, wear hiking shoes, take towels and dried clothes, and dwell in the spirit of Mother Earth!

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