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5 Incredible Budget-Friendly Winter Destinations If You Miss the Snow

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As some would say, winter is coming, and we believe that in case you miss the snow, you might be interested in finding out about some of the most amazing and budget-friendly winter destinations.

So, if you need a vacation and would like to visit a snowy place, read on and find out the best recommendations that will not break your wallet. These places are perfect whether you want to do some outdoor activities or just want to enjoy your hot chocolate in a cozy cabin.

If you love the cold temperatures, get ready to discover our favorite winter destinations. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

budget-friendly winter destinations
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1. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe marks the border between California and Nevada. It is one of the best ski resorts in the United States and the ideal place to spend a great weekend during the cold winter months.

If you love winter sports, this place will be a haven for you. Some of the sky resorts can be found right along the lake, which offers a beautiful view. The sparkle of the water and its magnificent blue color make this place downright magical.

One of these resorts, Squaw Valley, is well known because it was the site of the 1960 Olympics. A modest museum devoted to the games is open to visitors, and they may ski several of the routes used for events.

Generally, the ski season lasts from November through May, but if there is snow, some resorts will stay open until Memorial Day.

If you are looking for winter destinations that are perfect for skiing, Lake Tahoe should definitely be on your list.

2. Whitefish, Montana

One of the greatest spots in the United States to spend a winter weekend is, for sure, Whitefish, Montana. This place is truly a winter paradise.

Hopefully, there is something for everyone at Whitefish Mountain Resort; non-skiers may still find something to do—actually, plenty to do—and skiers will enjoy the variety of terrain.

Riding a bike through the snowy forest or trekking in Glacier National Park, there are many opportunities for those who want to see the beauty of the winter.

If winter sports are not your cup of tea, then you can enjoy the restaurants, and if you want to do something special and you like beer, try to follow the craft beer trail. Along this trail, you can find more than 20 craft breweries. These are the best-reviewed brews in Glacier County.

However you decide to spend your time in Montana, the breathtaking landscape will leave you amazed and grateful that you decided to book a trip to Glacier County’s icy landscape. One of the winter destinations we are sure you won’t regret!

3. Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is known as the place you go when you want to begin exploring the Great Smoky Mountains. It is a charming mountain town that has a lot to offer if you want to look into it.

Apart from its timeless alpine atmosphere and amazing culinary scene, Gatlinburg is well known for several winter celebrations, such as Anakeesta’s Enchanted Winter Festival. Don’t let the winter blues bring you down and join this festival, which has many incredible foods to choose from and dazzling lights wherever you look.

Once you have explored all Gatlinburg has to offer, you might be ready to venture into the wilderness of the Great Smoky Mountains. Go and practice your favorite winter sports, and later retreat to a cozy cabin in the middle of the forest. This is the right way to experience winter in nature.

Of all the winter destinations we have listed here, this is the perfect one for those who want to wake up in a winter wonderland and spend their day in a nice cabin in the middle of nowhere. Do you feel ready for this incredible experience?

4. Decorah, Iowa

This winter destination list could not be complete without a small and picturesque town. You can find this place in the northeast corner of Iowa, and it is a place that is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer.

But remember that since this is one of the winter destinations, you will need a few extra layers if you want to stroll around the town and visit the beautiful historical buildings that can be found on Main and Water streets. Here, you can find many unique bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

The largest museum in the nation devoted to a single immigrant group is located right here in Decorah, and we are talking about none other than the Vesterheim National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School.

Over 33.000 artifacts consisting of tools, furnishings, and folk art are put on display in this museum, and if you are part of the 65+ group, you will get a discount on the admission fee. Every second Saturday of the month, you will be paying $10 instead of $12.

If you want to also practice winter sports, you are in the right place! Rent a pair of skis from Decorah Bicycles for $10 per day and head to the Trout Run Trail for a cross-country skiing adventure along the Upper Iowa River.

If you want to play some games and drink a cold beer, you can’t miss the Toppling Goliath Taproom. Visit this place on Tuesdays, and you will have one of the most amazing beers, and you can also enjoy a free game of bingo. There are also some prizes for you to win.

budget-friendly winter destinations
Photo by Tommy Liggett from Shutterstock

5. Syracuse, New York

If you want to visit winter destinations in the state of New York, Syracuse is the way to go. We say this because this city simply thrives in the winter. It has an average snowfall of 128 inches per year, and this makes it the snowiest city in the entire state.

Experience it for yourself in Clinton Square, located in the heart of downtown, where stunning buildings in Syracuse’s architectural landscape frame a charming ice rink. You can rent some skates for $5 in case you don’t have your own. The admission fee is $5, but if you are 55 or older, you will pay only $3. This is an amazing deal, if you ask us.

Don’t forget the Salt City Market if you want to taste the amazing cuisine of this city. The prices are good, and you can try food from all around the world. You will pay $17 for two sides and fried haddock at Miss Prissy’s, and you can’t miss the vegan pineapple-fired rice served at Firecracker Thai Kitchen for only $16.

Winterfest, which takes place every year in February, celebrates winter, and here you can enjoy free ice skating, admire the ice sculptures, and enjoy the fireworks shows.

If you are 1 hour away from Syracuse, you can make a stop at the Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center. This place has more than 100 acres of ski trails and is the best place in New York for winter sports lovers.

For $10, you may rent snowshoes, and for $20, you can also rent cross-country skis. If you’re older than 62, you will have a discount, and you will pay $18 instead of $20.

If you plan to visit any of these destinations, you will need a good pair of gloves: SIMARI Winter Gloves

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