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11 Charming Small Towns to Retire in America

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What Are The Most Charming Small Towns In America?

There’s always something about small towns that enlightens nostalgia and the feeling that traditions still exist on their charming main streets. Many seniors look for that atmosphere, whether it reminds them of their childhood or a long-imagined place to settle down.

There are also many sensible reasons to move to a small town once you retire, including safety, affordability, wellness, culture, and of course, comfort.

Even though not every town offers you the perfect combination of these factors, many can meet the needs of retirees who are seeking a more simple life. Definitions of small towns vary from under 10,000 to several times that.

But sometimes, towns are considered “small” based on their appearance or sense of community.

In creating our list of small towns, we looked at various qualities, including the cost of living, crime, healthcare, housing, activities, transportation, and attractions in the area, with the understanding that “best” is ultimately a matter of preference.

Here are some of the USs best small towns to consider for retirement or maybe even a weekend visit.

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