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8 Random Things You Can NEVER Take on a Cruise Ship

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Are you planning a holiday on a cruise ship? First, check out this article!

Just like at airports, when you board a ship, you must strictly follow some rules. Most importantly, keep in mind that any kind of object that may hurt others is totally prohibited. But… there are also some items you wouldn’t expect to be forbidden; continue reading to find out which those are, because you may be shocked.

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Did you know you can’t take these 8  items on a cruise ship?

1 ) You can’t bring explosives or firearms on your cruise ship

It goes without saying that you are not allowed to bring any kind of item that may hurt yourself or others. Even if you have permission and the ability to carry firearms, you are not allowed to board a ship with them!

Even though some ships use fireworks as part of their entertainment, firecrackers or pyrotechnics are not permitted to be taken on board by guests at any time.

2 ) You can’t bring sports equipment on a ship

Similar to airports, it is forbidden to bring any kind of weapon onto the ship, such as toy guns or real guns, sharp objects, knives, and even nail clippers or tiny scissors.

Sports equipment that can result in injury, harm, or liability is also prohibited. Examples of sports items that may be very dangerous include skateboards, scooters, baseball bats, and hockey sticks.

3 ) You can’t bring drugs or any other forbidden substances on a cruise ship

Similar to drugs, it is not permitted to carry any drugs, such as marijuana and cannabis, or any other dangerous substances on the trip, even if they are legal in the state of embarkation. Even sweets with CBD oil are strictly prohibited, even if they were prescribed by a doctor.

Many port authorities use K9 dog units to sniff every piece of checked and carry-on luggage and even the passengers before they embark. This procedure aims to detect illicit substances.

Carnival Cruise Line has taken action against illegal substances and uses drug-sniffing dogs at every port of embarkation.

You really don’t want to risk getting into trouble with the law. Drugs are a serious security matter on a ship. Also, a lot of countries around the world have strict laws regarding illegal substances. You can be brought up in jail if you bring up drugs on a holiday ship.

4 ) You can’t bring alcoholic beverages on a cruise ship

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Except for the embarkation day, when you are allowed to bring a bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate the beginning of your holiday in a good way, alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden.

Every piece of luggage entered on a ship is inspected, and if any potentially dangerous containers are found to be in violation of the guidelines, they will be opened and removed. The prohibited items will be kept by port security, and passengers can pick them up when the cruise is over.

5 ) You can’t bring your pet with you on a cruise ship

The only animals allowed are the service ones.

Cunard Line is an exception to the no-pets policy; guests are permitted to bring their cats and dogs on any transatlantic cruise that leaves from Southampton, Hamburg, or New York. Pets are logged in one of the ship’s 24 kennels, and attendant care is provided by crew members. For this kind of service reservations and payment are required in advance.

Don’t forget that it can be really expensive to bring your pet on a ship!

6 )  You can’t bring flying or remote-controlled devices on a ship

Drones are really dangerous and should NEVER be brought on a cruise ship. They can interfere with ship operation, fall overboard, or be a danger to the other passengers.

Furthermore, in a lot of places and ports, drones are not allowed if you don’t own any licenses or permits. Find another hobby if you are not one of those people.

7 ) You can’t bring fresh flowers or plants on a ship

Isn’t that crazy? Continue reading to find out the reason behind the rule.

You can order flowers right from the cruise line. It’s called the Bon Voyage Gifts Department. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones, you should contact the gifts department before boarding. They can fully decorate a room, or they can just prepare a beautiful bouquet, depending on your wishes.

You are not allowed to bring flowers or plants because they may contain pollen, seeds, or agricultural illnesses.

8 ) You can’t bring anything flammable on a cruise trip

Fire is by far the most dangerous hazard onboard a cruise ship. Bringing anything that can catch fire is prohibited! Take into consideration leaving at home these items:

  • candles
  • coffee makers
  • kettles
  • electric blankets
  • clothes irons

Curling irons and other heat-generating hair styling products are permitted by some lines and prohibited by others. Carefully check the rules before leaving your home and board. Since you are going on a holiday trip, you shouldn’t be stressed at all, so don’t give the security a reason to open all of your luggage.

What should you pack for a cruise ship?

Image by Nok Lek Travel Lifestyle from Shutterstock

Packing efficiently for a cruise can enhance your travel experience. You should pack as lightly as possible, considering that moving around with heavy luggage isn’t easy or pleasant at all. Packing the essentials will also help you improve the space in your cabin, making it more comfortable.

Here is a list of what you should be careful not to forget at home:

  • Your travel documents, including passport, ID, cruise boarding pass, cash, and credit card.
  • Clothing: Make sure you pack casual daywear, swimwear, evening wear, and, most importantly, comfortable shoes!
  • Personal care products, including travel-size containers of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, creams, and essential personal care items.
  • SPF! It’s a MUST to protect your skin from UV radiation and sunlight, no matter the season!
  • Medications. Don’t forget your prescribed medication and also, pack a small aid kit with emergency pills and pain relievers.
  • Portable charger. It will be really useful to have one. The surroundings will be breathtaking, and you’ll probably spend hours taking photos. A portable charger is much needed!
  • Your favorite books. Just think about being able to read a great book while being in the middle of the ocean, enjoying a cocktail, and having the best time of your life.

Have we made you take into consideration booking this kind of holiday anytime soon?

Before leaving, we have one more tip for you regarding how you can store your items. On Amazon, you can find a set of 8 cubes of luggage packing organizers. The set comes in a lot of different colors and models, such as dusty teal, black, matcha green, light blue, and pink, making it a great choice for any taste. Using this kind of luggage organizer will help you make the most out of the available places that you have. It will also make it easier to quickly find an item you need without messing up all of your well-stored things.

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