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8 Foods You Should Avoid on a Cruise — and What to Eat Instead

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Here’s What to Avoid on Cruises:

The good old stereotype would say that cruising is synonymous with overindulgence: relaxing, gambling, and particularly eating and drinking. For plenty of cruisers, when it comes to getting their fill of tasty eats, they head right into the buffet.

Whether you love them or hate them, buffets serve as the mother lode on most ships, where hungry cruisers can easily get their hands on everything. We’re talking light bites, dense delights, and all the tasty dishes in between.

The cherry on top? They have the option to shamelessly go back for more self-served seconds, thirds, and sometimes even more. However, it’s still worth asking ourselves: Is there anything we should avoid getting? To make the best-informed buffet choices, we made a list of things you should avoid and what you could eat instead:

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