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10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in America

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biking in NY
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10. New York

  • Bike score: 70
  • Cyclist fatalities: 24
  • Bike-ability score: 55.9

If you live in NY and you love cycling, then you’re on the lucky side. Though placed in the 10th spot, New York is a quite bike-friendly city. Despite the fact that The Big Apple is known for its all-night subway system (ranking first in the US for public transit), this city is also one of the greatest cities in the US to cycle.

New Yorkers can also use the city’s Citi Bike program, the nation’s largest bike-sharing system. On top of that, there are many bike paths and greenways, so cycling in New York can turn into a truly pleasant activity. A bike map of NYC can be found here.

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