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10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in America

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2. Portland, OR

  • Bike score: 82
  • Cyclist fatalities: 2
  • Bike-ability score: 69.4

Portland is nearly a bike oasis, ranking second among the most bike-friendly cities in the US. According to Portland Bureau of Transportation data, Rose City had the highest percentage of bike commuters in 2017, coming in at 6.3%. The city provides 385 miles of bikeways, with even more being under construction.

Plus, Portland has some unique bike-friendly features, such as 42 bike boxes created to protect cyclists from drivers as well as bike-specific traffic signs at 31 different intersections. This city also provides its bike-share program sponsored by Nike and headquartered in the metro area.

Are you ready to find out which is the most bike-friendly city in America?

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