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5 US Road Trips Way Better Than Route 66

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Have you ever wondered what other road trips are worth exploring besides the famous Route 66?

Do not get us wrong, we love Route 66, but it is not the only road trip you can do in the United States that will leave you marveling at all the amazing sites our beautiful country has to offer. We have been going on road trips a lot in the last few years, and some of the ones we explored are not only just as amazing as Route 66 but also less crowded and at times even more worth exploring.

This doesn’t mean that you should not go on your planned Route 66 vacation, but rather that the next time you are thinking of going on a road trip (maybe even with your own or rented RV), you should be open to going somewhere else too. After all, life is too short to just be stuck visiting the same sites, and we should use our wandering spirit and explore all we can for as long as we can!

To help you widen your horizons and give you some amazing suggestions, here are some of our favorite road trips that you are definitely going to love if you just give them a chance! Thank us later!

Let us know if you have been on any of these, and if there are other ones you wish to see us explore, in the comments!

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