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5 US Road Trips Way Better Than Route 66

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The Pacific Coast Highway

This road trip is for those who have already beaten Route 66 and are looking for another long one to go on. However, it is still good for those who want to try their hand at a longer road trip too. Depending on which route you take, the whole trip can be between 600 and 1675 miles long, so it is also one that is customizable and can take you anywhere from one week to three.

Truth be told, you have probably heard about the Pacific Coast Highway since it is very famous, but you should also not let it just be a famous sight, but a vacation you have experienced yourself. You can choose to stick to the California coast, or you can venture further up the west coast, all the way up to Oregon and Washington.

This is definitely one picturesque drive, so if you love the cliff views, along with the amazing scenery and the ocean views, it is definitely for you. It also helps that you can make some stops in some bigger cities with nice landmarks, such as Santa Barbara, Crescent City, Long Beach, and even Seattle!

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