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5 US Road Trips Way Better Than Route 66

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Going the Sun Road

The shortest road trip on our list, but perfect if you are trying to ease your way into them and want to work your way up to longer ones. It is also great to go on this one if you are looking for a few days of relaxation and not a few weeks worth. It is only a 50-mile drive, and you can easily complete it in 1 to 2 days, but you can easily extend it a few more days if you wish to thoroughly explore the sights and spots along the way.

Going the Sun Road may be a short drive, but you will be able to experience varied terrain and spectacular views, even get to visit some glacial lakes, and you may even get to see some of the American wildlife (it is known you may be spotting some mountain goats on this road). The recommendation is to take this trip slow, stop and explore anytime you see something worth while, and also take your time to also go around on foot.

The tricky part is to make sure that you do not go on this road trip during the summer months, as it can get pretty crowded and busy, so avoiding peak times is the way to go if you actually want to enjoy everything we have presented so far!

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