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11 Travel Destinations Where Your Dollar Goes the Furthest

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There are many locations across the globe where you will get more bang for your vacation bucks. That’s why we’ve selected the best destinations where your spending power will be your new superpower, as these are must-see places are not only budget-friendly but will give you more cash in your pocket once you’ve exchanged your dollars.

So you can have more freedom to spend like it’s going out of fashion and get that vacation you so richly deserve after two years of chaos.

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1. Phuket – Thailand

As Thailand’s largest island, and just as famous as its capital Bangkok, Phuket is a perfect destination for people who want a sightseeing vacation like no other. Famous for its crystal blue waters, beautifully white sandy beaches, spicy Thai cuisine, and excellent snorkeling and diving, you’ll want to dive into visiting this jewel in South East Asia’s crown.

Take the time to stroll leisurely through the streets of Old Phuket Town, with its well-preserved shophouses, Sino-Portuguese mansions, temples, and shrines. Big Buddha and Wat Chalong Temple are completely free to enter. A delicious local meal will cost you between $2 and $5, washed down with a local beer for just over a dollar. Accommodation, even a 5-star hotel, can cost as little as $50 per night.

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1 thought on “11 Travel Destinations Where Your Dollar Goes the Furthest”

  1. i HAVE BEEN TO ALL BUT ONE OF THESE PLACES ( Phu ket), it would be great to visit there. I’ve traveled extensively through Russia and Georgia and found the citizens warm and friendly nothing like i’m seeing in the Ukraine invasion. I entertained 6 Russians from our catering company in our Moscow kitchen and find, “they are just like us” it’s their shitty governmont thats the problem.

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