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11 Popular Unfriendly Tourist Destinations You Might Want to Avoid

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Unfriendly Tourist Destination
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s head of marketing recently made it abundantly clear that the city is overflowing with tourists. He continued to say that cities are suffering due to tourism. And many locals don’t wish to live in the historic centers any more.

While speaking at the World Tourism Forum, he also mentioned that Amsterdam hasn’t needed to spend a single Euro in marketing the city any more. They simply don’t want to have more people.

Instead, they wish to increase the quality of visitors: they want people who are interested in the city and its history, not who want it as a backdrop for parties.

Sadly locals feels this way because they see a lot of visitors who don’t respect the character of the city. Low cost carriers also create issues.

If you do decide to visit this city, make sure you pack your camera because there’s lots to see and do, and you’ll surely want to snap many photos to cherish the memories!

Have you ever been to any of these unfriendly tourist destinations? Be sure to tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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