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The 6 Most Sociable and Friendly Cities in the World

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Friendly Cities
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Have you been to any of the friendly cities on our list?

There are many practical considerations when planning out your vacation. One must think about distance, budget, and the duration of a stay. We spend weeks, sometimes months, planning a trip.

From relaxing weekend getaways to once-in-a-lifetime trips, we go through lists, double-checking details and ensuring everyone in our party is catered for. So when we FINALLY arrive at our destination, we think that we deserve a warm welcome, right?

Well, guess what? There are many places across the world ready to lavish it on you in abundance. It doesn’t matter how fancy the resort is or how great the food is. One thing is clear: What sticks with everyone when traveling is the people they meet along the way.

We talked to our readers and asked them to rank the most sociable cities in the world, and you did NOT let us down. Here are our top 6 most friendly cities on the planet.

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