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11 Popular Unfriendly Tourist Destinations You Might Want to Avoid

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Unfriendly Tourist Destination
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Arlington, Texas

Unfortunately, our own beautiful country couldn’t be kept off this list.

In 2015, a private air charter company Stratos Jets analysed more than 37,000 geotagged tourist-related tweets from around the country to decide which places were most friendly, and which were most hostile towards tourists. Obviously, this is far from scientific.

But the results showed that Arlington, Texas, was one of the most unfriendly tourist destinations in the United States.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given its reputation for rudeness, New York was the second least welcoming, and Las Vegas swinging into the third position.


If you remember the movie Hostel, which was released in 2005, it was set in this unfriendly tourist destination, and painted a picture of a crooked police force who disregarded the safety and security of tourists.

When the film came out, the Slovakian government registered a formal complaint against the movie, saying it could damage the country’s budding tourism industry. But, it turns out that an unflattering work of fiction is the least of this country’s concerns.

Travelers who are visible minorities visiting Slovakia tend to find themselves the victims of racist threats and xenophobia.

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