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11 Popular Unfriendly Tourist Destinations You Might Want to Avoid

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Unfriendly Tourist Destination
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Unfortunately, Pakistan has been the home of many international and domestic terrorist groups for many years. And attacks in rural areas and cities alike threaten visitors.

To give you an idea, in 2013, 355 different terrorist attacks took place in this unfriendly tourist destination.

Especially in Karachi, the capital city, political, ethnic, and criminal rivalries make the city hazardous for newcomers who don’t know which spots are safe to travel through.

The US government, along with many others in the Western world, limits travel in Pakistan to government personnel in order to help defend its citizens from attacks.

Santorini, Greece

A couple of years ago, the most active port in Greece made an announcement that they had enough: The number of cruise ship visitors coming into the port would have to be restricted.

The popular island of Santorini was getting swamped by upwards of 10,000 tourists arriving simultaneously daily on cruises. That number is now limited to 8,000. Seems to us that overcrowding is a common denominator among many popular destinations.

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