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11 Popular Unfriendly Tourist Destinations You Might Want to Avoid

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Unfriendly Tourist Destination
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Cinque Terre, Italy

This stunning coastal area and UNESCO World Heritage Site used to be quite a trendsetter when it came to holding back the tide of travelers.

Under increasing pressure from ever-growing tourist numbers, in the beginning of 2016 this unfriendly tourist destination announced plans to introduce a ticketing system. Once the number of people reached 1.5 million, the area was off limits.

This figure might sound pretty high. But the previous summer saw 2.5 million people flow into the area to visit its clutch of five charming fishing villages connected by narrow cliff-top paths.


Tourism in Bhutan only truly began to kick off around 1974. But eversince, the country has determoined to regulate itself in order to preserve the nation’s unique culture and unspoiled landscape.

The kingdom on the border of the Himalayas has a policy of “high value, low impact tourism”.

The result is that the number of visitors is restricted and that most travelers have to pay a whopping $235 a day for fees and visas for the honor of seeing this unfriendly tourist destination.

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