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How to Avoid Extra Baggage Fees

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When you plan a trip there are lots of things you need to take into consideration, the travel insurance, buying tickets, accommodation and so much more, but one of the things that we often stress about is how to pack everything that we need and to avoid the extra baggage fees.

We have to admit it: this rule is a HUGE headache for us! For some reason, if I have 2 extra pounds I need to pay $50, that’s just unfair!

Nowadays, taking a trip abroad can be quite expensive so let’s try and cut down the costs as much as we can by following these tips to avoid that annoying baggage fee and pack in everything we need and want.

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1. Pack as much as you can in your carry-on baggage

Check your airline’s policy regarding the carry-on bag that’s included in the ticket, which means: measurements and weight, and what type of bag are you allowed to bring with you (ex: purse, backpack, trolley).

After you’ve done that, make sure you fit in it everything you can, but make sure security will allow you to pass with them, some items are prohibited, such as recipient with more than 3 oz of liquid in it, sharp objects, and so on.

After you’re done make sure you weigh it on your bathroom scale so that you won’t have any surprises at the airport.

2.  Don’t pack the ”just in case” items in your baggage

When you do your packing you need to be very organized and plan it smart.

Pack only what is necessary and add at the end, after you already weighed it and you have some extra space left, the things that aren’t urgent or necessary for the trip.

In addition, check if your accommodation is going to provide towels and other toiletry items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hairdryer, and so on. You will save so much more space if you leave those at home.

3. Compression bags are life-saving for your luggage!

Compression bags are the perfect answer to your packing problems, they are such a good problem-solving item when you have organizational problems in regards to your baggage.

Put the clothes in the bags and then apply a little pressure on them. They make a huge difference in your carry on and by then you’re not gonna even need a checked luggage! If you don’t know where to get them from, check this 12-Piece Kit from Amazon. Trust us, they are very easy to use and they will do wonders for your suitcase.

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4. Checking the weather forecast in advance before the trip is mandatory

This is not a thing you should do just to plan advantageously your baggage, but you need to know what clothes to bring with you and be prepared in the case of bad weather.

In addition, you need if the destination and your plan require so, checking the forecast is a must. If you are heading to a cooler place, wear extra layers to the airport so that you can make more space in your checked baggage. This trick is old as time but it works every time!

5. Sometimes, it’s a better idea to just buy a larger luggage

So you thought to buy an extra suitcase because your belongings don’t fit in just one baggage, now instead of buying a similar or smaller one, why don’t you invest in something larger? It can turn out to save more money than you thought by purchasing a more spacious luggage.

Put it like this: instead of paying $25-$50 to the airport extra baggage fees, with a new suitcase you can save the money for the next trip and you won’t have to carry an additional trolley with you.

6. Share the luggage with your trip companion

If you are going on a trip with your significant other or your family you can add some more items to their suitcase, but be careful that you don’t overweigh their luggage by accident.

If you travel with more than just one person, and your luggage is WAY over the limit make sure first that you really need those things and if not take some out, and if it’s still too much weight, put some stuff in your companion’s baggage as well. It works every time, especially since not everyone over packs like we do.

Next, we are going to list what you should NEVER forget while packing:

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We learned what things we should leave at home, but sometimes it so happens that we leave the things that we should’ve had with us.

1. Some necessary clothing  items we always end up forgetting

Sometimes we end up forgetting essential clothes and then we find ourselves saddened. So what can we do to prevent that from happening? We can make a list next time and include the essential clothing items we forgot about.

Better to write it down on your phone so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it and whenever you want to add something new you can at any time.

2. Essential and appropriate footwear

Next to those clothing items, you forgot there are also the shoes which you didn’t remember to pack. We sometimes forget that we need certain shoes for our trip, for example, if we take a trip during the hot season we need some sandals if we are going hiking on a mountain we need specific hiking boots.

So you see we need to put them on the previously mentioned list as well because on some occasions we either need to purchase them from the place we are going and they can break the piggy bank or our activities could suffer.

3. Pajamas

For some reason, we always end up leaving these out of our luggage. It might be pleasant to sleep without any on you, but if anything happens and you have to leave your room in hurry, what happens then?

In addition, they make you feel warm, they are soft and in the middle of the night when you need to go to the bathroom and it’s cold outside your blanket, they are your only source of warmth.

4. First aid kit

We are not saying anything can happen to you during your trip, however in case of a cut, small injury, or accidental fall, it’s better to have your first aid kit with you, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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5. Medicines

A few headache pills or painkillers never hurt anybody, you never know how you’re gonna feel the next day and how far a pharmacy is from your accommodation and so it’s for the best to take some basic pills with you.

In addition, if you have any condition that requires that you take some medication, always put it on your list and take them with you. You don’t want to forget about them and then find yourself in a nightmare, especially in a foreign place.

Besides the fact that you may not be that familiar with the place, the medicine can cost a fortune or they may not even sell it without a prescription.

6. Documentation 

The documentation part is the utmost important one, leaving without it means your whole trip is in danger, especially now during times of a pandemic.

Write down the following documents you should make sure are in your possession when you leave the house: passport, visa paperwork (if needed), boarding pass (if you already did your check-in), ID card, vaccination proof (if you have it), other paperwork the country or state you are traveling to, requires (check their official websites).

7. Towel and other toiletries

This is just in case your accommodation can’t provide you with some, don’t put extra weight in your baggage unless necessary.

If you want to cut down your travel expenses even more, here are some effective ways

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