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7 Hidden Beaches Around the US to Escape the Crowds

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Hidden Beach
Photo by Aleksandr Ozerov at Shutterstock

Have you heard of these gorgeous hidden beaches on our list?

Since summer is right around the corner, travelers want to spend time closer to the sand and surf. After all, summertime is synonymous with beach days. But what happens when your regular spot feels a bit overcrowded with seasonal tourists?

It might be time to seek a more secluded place to catch some much-needed rays. When you think of hidden beaches, you likely imagine some faraway tropical paradise flush with rainbow fish and dense palm trees.

But believe it or not, you’ll find sandy hidden gems in the US, too. To help in that endeavor, we’ve been on the hunt for the most peaceful, pristine, and untouched slices of paradise right here in our country.

From secluded coves on tranquil inlets to excellent lakefront real estate that isn’t known to the masses, here are 7 of the most stunning hidden beaches across the country.

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