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8 Safe and Charming Destinations in the US You Don’t Want to Miss 

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There are many safe and charming destinations in our country. You just have to know where to look!

It’s pretty easy to conjure up an image of what life is like in a small town. After all, there are many Hallmark channel movies and tv shows like Gilmore Girls burned into our brains.

But a neverending parade of town festivals and people relying more on the sheriff than locks to keep their homes safe don’t necessarily line up with what reality is really like.

And as headlines continue to put a spotlight on big crime in large cities across the country, lucky for us, America is full of small cities and towns that capture that nostalgic feeling…the non-existent crime rates are merely the cherry on top.

From hidden gems to happening hamlets, here are our 8 favorite safe and charming destinations from coast to coast. Who knows? You might even find your new hometown on our list!

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