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5 Best Travel Gifts For You And Your Friends

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Having traveled for so many years, I’ve received and made a ton of travel-related gifts. Some useful, some fun, and some… that lacked inspiration but it was the thought that counted. For people who love to travel, practical gifts are always welcomed and if you’ve ever wanted to support a friend, you probably already know that getting them something to aid their travels is probably the way to go.

However, you can accidentally buy them something they do not actually need, or something they already have. There’s isn’t anything wrong with having a spare or with replacing something old with something new (and potentially more sturdy). But believe me when I say that having multiple passport covers is not that useful and at one point it can become bothersome.

This is why I have gathered some of the most useful things I use on all my travels, that is bound to be a hit with your friends if you ever want to get them a practical gift! Even better, some may even turn out as good suggestions for your own travel kit! They are practical and useful, or they are just thoughtful gifts that you can give to a friend who dreams of roaming the world!

Let me know if you’ve ever thought about any of these things or if you found anything useful for yourself or your friends and family!

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Small Pouch Emergency Kit

This one is useful to have on you even if you aren’t traveling and for once, you cannot have too many of them. You can have a small bag or a mini wallet that can hold some essentials and even things that you may never use but would be great to have in case of an emergency: maybe someone around you needs something from them and you can save the day!

From wet wipes to bobby pins, from emergency tampons or pads to safety pins, band-aids, a little sewing kit, you can customize it to your heart’s content: you can even throw in a couple of painkillers.

The best thing about this little kit is the fact that you can make it yourself, and customize it so it can be the perfect gift for a loved one: both with what’s inside but also with how the pouch looks. Or, you can try to find them online, as there are a few stores that have some already pre-made: less chance to put in what you want, but easier if you don’t have the time to scavenge shops for tiny things.

Either way, this is a great gift to give or an amazing thing to throw in your backpack or purse. You can forget all about it! But trust me, when you will need one of these items, you will thank your past self!

Best gift! Scratch Off World Map

I know it seems a bit cliche, but this is an amazing gift for the travel lovers in your family or friend circle! Not only is it gorgeous, but it will make them excited to plan their next holiday. Moreover, as much as people like to popularise the idea that as you age you will not find joy in these things, it’s very satisfying to scratch one of the countries or states off the map after you come back from holiday!

Not only that, but it makes for wonderful wall decor and you can always reminisce about the nice things that you have seen and the memories you have made. There are tons of scratch-off maps but there is no need to spend more than you need, and you can find some great ones on Amazon. One good idea would be to also look for a frame for the maps if you end up gifting or getting some for yourself.

Essential Hoodie

Sometimes it isn’t in your best interest to go with all the branded clothing when it comes to comfortable wear. And as a traveler, if you have long flights, bus, or train rides, you know just how important being comfortable actually is. From pants (wholeheartedly recommend sweatpants or leggings on long flights) to tops, all the clothes we have on are important for our comfort. That’s why in this hoodie’s case we will make an exception and recommend a pricey, branded item.

Both you or a friend that travels frequently will appreciate a gift such as the Essential Hoodie from Pon Los Angeles (unless they already have one, but at the same time having a spare is never a bad idea). They’re extremely comfortable and, as someone who has trouble sleeping in moving vehicles, I found this hoodie to be a lifesaver when I wanted to rest my eyes a little bit. It’s specially made for travel, breathable and, the best thing, the hood is spacious and has a built-in eye mask!

It was a lifesaver so many times, and I cannot travel without it! Definitely a staple and a gift you cannot go wrong with!

travel gift
Image courtesy of Amazon

Neck Pillow

You’d be surprised to learn exactly how many people who travel haven’t stopped to buy a neck pillow! I’ve seen so many people without one, even on long 15 hour flights. Sure, on long flights you get a pillow from the airline, but can it really give you the neck support you need? Not really. Plus you should aim for a neck pillow that supports your chin as well as the neck: you can definitely prevent neck pains this way.

So do some digging and find out if your friend has a neck pillow. If not, you’re in luck and you can get them a practical gift (in their preferred color too). You can find some really good ones online, but one that has proved indispensable to me has been the BCOZZY one (which you can easily find online or on Amazon).

Best thing yet? It comes in different sizes so if you’re getting them for your family, you can include the kids on the list too!

Plug Adaptors

Getting lost in the frenzy that is planning and packing for the holidays can end up bringing you so much stress, you are bound to sometimes forget the little things. And yes, from my experience, it’s happened more than once that I end up frantically searching for plug adaptors because I was leaving for a country that didn’t use the same sockets I had or the same type of adaptors I already had laying around.

My problem was actually solved with a gift! A great friend of mine had known about my lastest shenanigans with plug adaptors (if you’re wondering I did fly to the other side of the world to Japan and didn’t have a good adaptor with me), and with the first occasion, she gifted me this Flight 001 5-in-1 Travel Adapter, that also has two USB ports if you ever need to charge anything as well!

They’re lightweight, color-coded, good quality and they save you the problem of having to guess which adaptor from the multiple ones you may have lying around the drawer is going to be good. Heavens forbid you to take the wrong one! With these, you have all the ones you might need with you all the time and they have never failed me, no matter the continent I was on!

This is a must-have item to either take with you or to gift a friend you know would need them! The best thing about them is that you can just store them in your luggage, so next time you’re going to fly out of the country, you can easily remember to bring along your trusty, colorful plug adaptors!

Make sure you read all about frequent issues travelers face so you’ll know what to prepare for!

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