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9 Best Hidden Vacation Spots in the U.S.

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What are some of YOUR favorite vacation spots?

There are lots of impressive and breathtaking vacation spots in the U.S., from beautiful national parks where nature meets wildlife to serene beaches where you can hear the waves crash into the shore, we have plenty of places to go.

Usually, Americans choose a popular place to spend their vacation, but not many people know that the best experience that they can have will be found in hidden spots, those small towns or corners of nature that we’ve forgotten about.

If you don’t have a clue where to start, here are 9 valuable suggestions we think you’ll love!

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4 thoughts on “9 Best Hidden Vacation Spots in the U.S.”

  1. How can you not put Carova Beach NC on this list. Can only guess since you had Jekyll Island GA on oyour list then that filled your beach spot. But really Carova Beach NC used to be on all the top list years ago and for good reason. Not many places do you get to travel miles and miles up a empty beach that you need a 4×4 to access and most times you got to time the tides rt to get were you want to go.. Only thing you will see is the wild ponies(horses) that have been roaming and grazing the beach and dunes from the ocean to the sound. They have been in this area since the days people brought them here by ship from Europe when we first started coming to the new world. You may find a lot of sea shells or some beached sea life like sharks, whales, turtles em fish etc,,,on your travel miles up the beach till you get back to human built things again. Yes you will also run into some people between the end of paved road to the homes way up the beach but they have to have a good 4×4 truck and some supplies just in case get stuck on the sand or a dune crossing. But u will see people enjoying the beach or fishing on your way up the beach. Can’t beat having a empty beach with only your family we’re wild horses/ponies walk past you. But if your staying or living up at the homes in Carova you make that travel way up the beach preferably during low tide cause high tide a lot of times the Ocean comes rt up to the dunes at high tide so u can’t get up there. So you got to time the tides. But after a while driving you do get to the point we’re you start to see homes and human made structures again but they are all inland from just over the dunes. So you find the dune mile marker you need to get to an drive at decent speed to get up and back down those 10 to 20+ foot dunes, and hope don’t get stuck on a dune.. But once cross dunes the houses development is set up just like a regular neighbor by the beach. Just no paved roads or stores. Still need 4×4 but as you get closer to the sound the ground does get harder. Just don’t hit those ponies/horses as they walk thru peoples yards look for grazing food and watch out for deep puddles after it rains. But now your bk in somewhat civilized area we’re homes are separated at a decent space and they cost millions and millions of $ to build most em up here. Unfortunately it’s a rich persons vacation but there are some smaller older shacks that don’t cost millions up there but there aren’t that many. Most times they belong to the volunteer fire departments people and stuff like that..otherwise most the homes are vacation rental homes were the rich go to play and be left alone. Still it’s a beautiful area and any one with a 4×4 can get there and enjoy the area for themselves even if you can’t afford those high prices rentals. They have plenty of normal priced homes bk on the paved road area bk down the beach.

  2. I just saw something about Solvang on a show about renovating motels, The Viking Inn was the place getting renovated. Anyway, they said it’s a Danish town, looks like fun, whichever it is. Leavenworth Washington is a Bavarian town and it’s a lot of fun as well.

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