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19 Important Tips You Need to Know Before You Go Camping

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So you just decided to go on a small camping trip. That’s great, enjoying the outdoors, relaxing, and observing nature at its best is one of the greatest things there can be. Especially after all the hard work you’ve been doing, some relaxation is well-deserved.

And so because our country is filled with a diversity of breathtaking landscapes, a camping trip is a must. Take your friends or loved ones along if you want to, but if not some self recreational and reflecting time is always a good idea.

But if you’re a beginner we think you need to know and follow the next steps before embarking on this trip.

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1. Always check the weather first

When you’re planning any trip you should check the weather first. But, it’s more important to do this when you decide to go camping because bad weather conditions could make your experience unpleasant.

Imagine if it’s raining your tent could get flooded and all wet, and you surely don’t want that to happen. Or if it suddenly gets really cold in the area and you didn’t pack properly that could potentially become a major issue.

This leads us to the next point: always consider a change in the forecast and prepare for unexpected weather (you know the saying better safe than sorry).

2. Pack and plan for unanticipated weather

There can always be an unexpected change of weather or an inconsistency with the forecast channel. And so make sure that your backpack includes the following items: Lots of warm layers, a preferably warm hat, waterproof clothing, sun protection and this one is a mandatory must-have: insect repellent.

3. Make your plans in advance before camping

Make a list of activities for the camping area before you leave so you’ll be prepared when you arrive and don’t waste any time! You can go on a hike, bicycle on trails if you want something more adventurous, or just enjoy the forest.

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4. Pack a first aid kit

Now don’t get the wrong idea, there’s nothing dangerous about going on a camping trip, but you know, we’re humans and small accidents occur every time. We’re not talking about anything serious, but in case of a small cut or bruises, you should be equipped and prepared.

Like we mentioned before, better safe than sorry.

5. Make a list of the things you need during your trip

Organization is the key and so to be better prepared and to make sure you’re not forgetting anything you should make a list beforehand. When the time comes to pack up your things just look at them and at the same time tick the things you already pack. It saves plenty of time and it’s efficient.

6. Don’t set your tent under a tree

If you encounter unexpected weather conditions there are plenty of things that can happen and the tree could end up damaging your tent and even injury you. And even if there are no unforeseen events, placing your tent under a tree can still be dangerous, branches can randomly fall on your tent, big or small, and you will still end up hit.

Bird feces are another problem that will not hurt you but will make your life harder when you clean it. Plus, let’s not forget about other stuff falling from the trees like pine cones and so on. They will not make too much damage, but when they fall on your tent at night they will scare the life out of you.

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7. Make sure you don’t forget about the lighting

When you make the list we talked about earlier make sure you include a flashlight or two, batteries too. Even if you have your phone with you it’s still better to have alternatives, plus flashlights have a more powerful light than phones do anyway.

8. Bring a portable charger

If you spend more than one night you are 100% gonna run out of battery on your phone which is why it’s important to bring a portable charger with you as well. You don’t have the assurance that there are enough charging spots at the camping site or if they exist in the first place.

9. Leave the technology at home and bring more entertaining things

Leaving your devices at home is a MUST. You can’t go on an outdoor camping trip and bring technology with you. You will not enjoy the experience to its fullest. That is why you should disconnect yourself from the outside world as much as you can and bring other entertaining items.

Such as books, board games to play with your group or outdoor games which can keep you entertained at the campsite. Our problem nowadays is that we developed technologies in order to make our lives easier however in the end we got dependent on them.

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10. Bring along some chairs and a table

You don’t know what items you can find at the camp site and so it’s better if you come along with your own portable chairs and table. Rather than eating your food while standing, it’s better if you bring your own necessities don’t you think? This is a preferable option if you plan to have a longer stay.

Many people live under the wrong impression that when you’re camping you have to spend your time in horrific conditions outdoors, but that doesn’t have to be the case at ALL! You make your own conditions on any trip and you can make it as pleasant as you want it to be.

11. Take wet wipes and toilet paper

There is no guarantee that your campsite is filled with these and so add these to your list as well. Things get dirty in nature, that’s just the way it is and so it’s always good to carry with you some wet wipes with you.

12. Check out your campsite’s rules and amenities and choose one that’s relatively close to your home

Before embarking on this trip, make sure you’ve done your research about the place that you’re going to. Make sure you also read their rules in order to see if they have any special requirements (or restrictions) you will be asked to follow.

Plus, if this is your first time camping there’s a probability that you won’t find the experience as pleasant as you thought and you may want to go home. If that’s the case you should choose one in proximity to your house or the nearest one.

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13. Respect your neighbors

If it’s your first time camping you should know that everyone can hear everyone. This is why during the night you should be a little bit quieter and respect them. In addition, another aspect that you should be considerate of is their privacy, some other campers may be open to chit-chat, but others came there for their peace and quiet and don’t feel like socializing.

It’s important that you respect that.

14. Never cook inside your tent

Besides the unwanted smells, it’s a HUGE fire risk and you can get carbon monoxide poisoning. Always cook in an open space.

15. Plan all of your meals

It’s good to plan your meals because if you don’t have any options you can exactly go to the store, it’s not efficient and it ruins the whole point of camping. Besides that, you don’t want to be starving especially if you plan a longer trip.

16. Prep food before the trip and take many options that don’t require cooking

It’s better if you do so especially if this is your first camping trip and you don’t know exactly how cooking in nature works.

17. Bring lots of snacks

Snacks are always important since it’s not like you have plenty of shops around you. So make sure you bring some!

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Just throwing your trash on the ground is such a disrespectful thing to the other campers and the ENVIRONMENT! Always use the trash bins the camping site has, collect and dispose of any food or garbage waste that you have.

Remember: it’s no one else’s business to clean up your mess and you should leave the place the way you wish you find it next time.

19. Ask for help if you need it

What I like about camping sites is that the people there are always nice to you and will always help you if you need it. So if you have any difficulties of any sort just ask for help from someone, they’ve been through the same thing once.

Spending time outdoors brings about a lot of perks, so if you’re looking for more natural destinations, we have plenty of ideas!

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