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9 AMAZING Private Islands That You Can Rent On Airbnb

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If you have ever dreamt of having your own personal island, then now it’s your chance to make all of your dreams come true. And, you don’t need to be filthy rich in order for that to happen. On Airbnb, there are some serene places that can be yours for as long as you want them to be.

Talk to your friends and family and start booking your vacation on these islands. Don’t worry, if you split the costs with your travel companions, you will end up paying the exact sum you would pay at a regular hotel.

These islands are every traveler’s dream, let’s see which ones will win your heart.

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Book this Irish historic island

If the tropical lifestyle isn’t your thing and if you’re looking for something more rustic, then you should check out this island. It’s located in Galway, Ireland and it’s full of history.

The renting price starts at $247 and it fits 7 guests, having 5 bedrooms. You have a stone fireplace which is nothing but perfect for late cozy nights. The kitchen is very modern and has a lot of cooking appliances at your disposal.

It’s the perfect place for fishing activities since it’s located on a lake.

The bedrooms are quite simple but very comfortable. This rustic island is five minutes away by boat from Kenny’s Bay.

How do you feel about Italy?

Italy is a great country filled with art, culture, and great landscapes. And, if it’s one of the countries that you’ve had on your bucket list for some time now, then it’s time to get you there. There’s a private island located in the Venetian lagoon, where there’s also a great villa where you can stay at.

Located in Cavallino, this great island is perfect for a larger group that is looking forward to having some peace and quiet.

You can reach this magnificent place by boat, and your host will happily take care of that. The typical price for one night starts at $113 and it’s ideal for 16 guests, having 7 bedrooms. The villa can seem a little old-fashioned, but it has modern details which will guarantee you comfort.

Honduras sounds like a dream

There’s a private island located in Fort Morgan Cay, Honduras and it has 40 acres. Yes, you read that right, a huge piece of heaven just for you. If you are the type of person that loves going to the beach and doing any related activities, then don’t wait any longer.

You have hammocks, private guest rooms, a waterside dining terrace, and a catering service! The price for one night starts at $270 and it fits 16 guests. The hosts will pick you up from the airport and take you by boat to your stay.

The whole place is luxurious and modern. The activities that you can do while staying there are free. You can play some volleyball, go on a paddleboard, go kayaking, snorkel and so much more. It sounds too good to be true, right?

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In Poulsbo, you can have the best time

This private island on Poulsbo, Washington is every nature lover’s dream. You can reach this place by ferry. The accommodation is a bit smaller than the previous ones, having only 3 bedrooms.

However, the place is spacious enough for you and your companions. The starting price per night is around $350.

The place is filled with natural light due to its wide windows. The bedrooms seem comfortable, even though they have a simple look.

The house also displays two kayaks which you can take down the floating dock. Outside you can enjoy the great lake view while sitting on the Adirondack chairs, and getting warm in front of the fire pit.

How does a tropical island in Belize for you and only you sound?

If you are looking forward to spending a romantic and extravagant vacation with your partner, then this private island in Belize is your answer. The accommodation is destined for just two people and the price starts at $365/night.

You have a bungalow, a treehouse, and a cabana just for yourself. In addition, you get a restaurant and a bar that will prepare lunch and dinner for you every day. The cook will even clean and cook the fish that you catch.

You don’t have to worry about transport either since that is covered as well.

An island house located on a white sand beach is always a good idea

In El Nido, there’s a beautiful private island with a white sand beach, big enough for 16 guests. The typical starting price is around $398. The accommodation has minimalist and tropical features.

It’s a cozy retreat perfect for an amazing relaxing getaway. The island will be yours and yours alone, tourists aren’t allowed. All meals are included, and you also get daily housekeeping. Everything is taken care of including snacks and water supplies.

You also have kayaks and snorkeling gear ready for your disposal. In addition, you can pay extra to get a massage, some drinks or day trips.

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Enjoy some quality time all by yourself in Brazil

Ilha Grande is connected by a bridge to this amazing private island. It welcomes 16 people and the price for one night starts at $650. There are plenty of activities that you can do such as snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, or you can just walk around the beach and enjoy your time.

The accommodation is nice and modernly decorated, having wood accents all around. There are colorful tones used all around in order to make the guests feel cozy and relaxed. The balconies of the bedrooms give the perfect view over the water and hills filled with trees.

Your host will pick you up from the airport.

Belize is just full of surprises

As the headline suggests, there’s another small paradise in Belize. This island is placed in Stann Creek District and it’s ideal for a family gathering or a vacation with your friends. This island rents its tropical house to up to 8 guests.

This accommodation is quite unique due to the fact that it’s placed on water. In addition, the design is so well done that the outdoors includes a bar, swings, and a dining terrace. The entire island runs on solar power and there’s a filtered rainwater system, used for almost everything.

Don’t worry about the internet since there’s unlimited high-speed internet at your disposal and a local phone.

Feeling like spending some time far away surrounded by a hardwood forest? We’ve got you covered!

It’s located in Manchester, Michigan. This breathtaking island is 1,700 square feet and it’s made for 8 guests, having 3 bedrooms. The patio overlooks the lake and there’s a pontoon boat that’s ready to be used by guests.

What makes this island the perfect and relaxing spot for a vacation is the fact that it’s surrounded by nature completely. The inside is decorated in a cozy manner, matching the outdoors. You can talk to the host and arrange some fishing activities or tubing.

Take a walk in the forest, gaze at the stars or simply relax by the lake. The starting price is around $800 per night.

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