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5 Common Tourist Traps and How to Avoid Them

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common tourist traps
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Most people fall for these common tourist traps, don’t be one of them! 

One thing I discovered about traveling is that you can’t always rely on reviews on well-known tourism websites like TripAdvisor since they may claim that a location is awesome and the prices are super affordable, and when you get there, you might see that’s the total opposite.

In addition, I discovered that you can never avoid the tourist hordes at several well-known landmarks. That is the usual situation at many tourist traps since they tempt you with the guarantee of an outstanding cultural experience but neglect to inform you about the long lines and crowds (for instance, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, or the Acropolis).

Then what can you do to avoid all these common tourist traps and enjoy your vacation to the fullest? The first would be to do strong online research about the place you’re about to visit. My main advice would be to not stop on the first Google page; look further for less popular reviews.

After that, you can decide if the destination is worth it or not. But this is just the first step to having a brilliant vacation. Click on the next page to discover the rest of the details that have been tried and tested by yours truly.

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