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1️0️ ️My️s️te️r️i️ou️s ️Pl️ac️es️ ️Yo️u️ S️ti️l️l️ ️Ca️n’️t️ ️Vi️si️t ️i️n️ ️T️he️ ️US

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forbidden place
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There is an endless number of locations around our country to choose from when picking out our next getaway. But, we have also found some places that will NOT welcome any visitors, and they probably have good reasons! The reasons can range from safety, security, or even military restrictions.

There are some areas no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to visit. These places are so entangled in secrecy that very little is known about the inner workings and what actually happens there. Secret facilities, exclusive clubs, and holy temples are shielded from the public.

But we’ve done our best to get the 411 on 11  places you’re not allowed to visit. Now when something is not permitted to visitors, it’s usually for a good reason, and although we may question why it’s prohibited, it’s probably best we follow the rules. And don’t feel bad. If you insist on taking that “road less traveled” type of trip, as a bonus, we’ve also found some places that you CAN visit….but at your own risk!

You should keep reading to see all of these places!

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  1. Area 51 has always been my “I wish” place to visit. Of course “X-Files” had a lot to do with it, but I have always been fascinated with the idea of UFO’s and the supposed wreckage found in New Mexico.

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