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6 Stunning Caves in the US

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If you’re into mystical worlds, you can say that caves are natural portals to other dimensions, and fortunately, our country is home to approximately 45,000. One of these 45,000 caves is also the longest cave on the Planet (the Mammoth Cave), so there’s a plethora to choose from.

However, we suggest you visit the ones that are in your state or nearby. In the end, no matter which cave you pick, it will most likely remain engraved into your memory. From spectacular geology to underground lakes and rivers, the following caves are Mother Nature’s favorite creations.

And if you don’t believe us, then put your trust in the shots you’re about to see. That being said, let’s enter the cave!

Photo by Wangkun Jia from Shutterstock

1. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

There’s virtually no surprise that our first entry is Mammoth Cave since we’ve already mentioned it at the beginning of the article. But there’s so much more about it than the fact that it is the longest cave on Earth.

For instance, did you know that enslaved people mapped it out or that it hosts the albino shrimp, Indiana eyeless crayfish, and Kentucky eyeless cave shrimp? On top of that, the cave is like a gigantic tunnel filled up with sandstone formations and wondrous limestone.

However, if the regular tour is not enough for you, you can always opt for a more adventurous route with dusty and muddy tunnels and a boat ride through an underground river. Sounds exciting, right?!

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