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10 Amazing Vermont Getaways You’ll Never Forget

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The state of Vermont is a perfect vacation destination at ANY time of year. From the wintery mountain views and skiing opportunities in Stowe to the water adventures during the summer in St. Albans, there’s something for everyone in this New England state. Vermont can be a beautiful vacation destination for people looking to relax and rejuvenate with a country backdrop.

Spend your getaway taking long walks with water views, sampling farm-fresh cuisine, and exploring local attractions. Stay at one of many incredible Vermont spots to be situated in the heart of picturesque views and exciting attractions. Here are our 10 favorite Vermont getaway ideas.

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You can find small-town charm in the small Vermont city of Woodstock. This quaint city is ideal for a New England getaway when you seek outdoor adventures, including biking, fishing, and hiking.

Be sure to also go for a horseback ride at the Green Mountain Horse Association if visiting during the warmer months, or try your hand at sledding, snowshoeing, and skiing the slopes at the Woodstock Resort.

This city is also home to the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, complete with a forest and mansion you can tour. You can also take the kids to experience some hands-on farming demonstrations if spending the afternoon at the Billings Farm and Museum.


This city is, by far, the most popular one for tourists in this state. Besides being very trendy, it’s also very lively! Burlington is the jack of all cities because it has everything a travel enthusiast wants and needs. History fanatics will love the Ethan Allen Homestead, which is the museum of a local folk hero.

Outdoor lovers will delight in the sceneries and adventures found at Waterfront Park or the Spirit of Ethan Allen. And fans of bustling downtown areas will adore Church Street Marketplace. This city is truly the place to go in Vermont if you want your weekend to be endless fun. There is no shortage of activities, and believe us, no season goes by without a celebration.


Also known as the “winter playground” of Vermont, this fantastic location provides you with many vacation rentals that will give you stunning mountain sceneries and snowy skies.

Go here for a weekend getaway that puts you in a winter wonderland when traveling between November and April, when the area gets an average of 20ft of snow each year. Be sure to dress warm and ski or snowboard the slopes at the Bolton Valley Ski Area or the Stowe Mountain Resort with incredible views of Mount Mansfield.

But don’t worry! If you prefer to visit during the warmer months, you can hike through Smugglers’ Notch State Park or even zipline through the forested trails with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures.

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Manchester is the perfect location for a weekend away from it all. Want to keep busy? Well, There’s lots to do in this historically charming town. It lies at the base of the Green Mountains and is a stunning starting point for all adventurers.

You can check out old English houses or simply walk the paved pathways through the incredible nature. Breathe in some fresh scents of nature, and find inspiration in things new and old in one of Vermont’s best tourist cities.

It’s also the infamous site of the first wrongful murder conviction case between 1812 and 1819. The town is still studied today as a part of an ongoing investigation into the occurrence. It has a few other points of fascination for historians. Specifically, three distinct districts, the Depot District, Main Street, and Bonnet Street. Each offers something new, fresh, and exciting for travelers far and wide.


What better getaway than the state’s capital for your next vacation destination to explore the city’s history? The entire historic downtown area offers you the chance to experience the charm of Vermont while shopping in some unique specialty stores, including Bear Pond Books and Global Gifts.

Many educational opportunities are available here for the entire family when touring the gold-domed capitol or the Vermont Historical Society Museum. Also, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can enjoy the scenic views and trails at Hubbard Park, while foodies usually flock to Sarducci’s for Italian fare or The Skinny Pancake for a hearty breakfast.


Waitsfield is known for being an oasis in Vermont. The sights here are top-rated and will be hard to forget. You’ll have several places around to explore that make for a perfect getaway. You can spend a day traversing through the vast Vermont wilderness or rest in one of the luxurious spas, and you’ll know you made the right choice with Waitsfield.

It’s also an excellent place for some more contemporary delights. Such as art galleries, boutiques, coffee shops, and lots more. You can spend a whole weekend just checking off your downtown bucket list with all the gems.

And if your dream vacation doesn’t include a bustling city center at all, then explore the farms that line the outskirts or check out some farmer’s markets. There is always fresh food to be found there, so be sure to bring along a hearty appetite!

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Colchester is the perfect place for a weekend getaway, with over 27 miles of shoreline and landscaped views. You can explore Lake Champlain by swimming, boating, or even fishing. Guided sailing tours with Sail Arioso are also available. Colchester is home to the fantastic International Sailing School, so there are many opportunities to take a lesson or watch the races if visiting in the summer.

If you love the outdoors, you may want to take advantage of the many seasonal activities in this city of Vermont, where you’ll find the Green Mountains. Just imagine hiking through the 350 acres of park trails or taking a stroll along the four-mile Colchester Causeway Path before withdrawing to your cozy vacation rental!

Lake Champlain Islands

Here is where outdoor adventure lovers shine! Vermont is one of the most perfect states in the country to spend a vacation in the brilliance of nature. For starters, you’re going to want to spend at least a day on the lake!

This lake has been one of the most beloved vacation spots for tourists and locals alike for many years. There is so much to do here, especially considering how large the space available is. If you want to see it all, then see it ALL! Rent a boat, jet skis, or swim in some of the best waters in the northeast.

St. Albans

Also located along Lake Champlain, you’ll find St. Albans, which offers lots of summer fun for the entire family’s water adventures. After taking a swim in the lake or boating on the Missisquoi River, you can go for a bike ride along the 29-mile Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail. But you don’t have to bring your own.

Rentals are available from Kevin Smith Sports. You can also have a family barbecue at Kill Kare State Park or ride the ferry to Wood’s Island State Park and Burton Island State Park to explore the local nature. When the day begins to wind down, stop in for some bar food and local brews at the 14th Star Brewing Company.

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This place is an excellent option for those looking for a classic colonial feel because you can go back in time here! Chester boasts two significant landmarks listed in the National Register of Historic Places. And the Stone Village and Chester Village Historic Districts are both well worth the trip!

Not only do you get to experience a different time period, but you also get that quaint, charming feel. People here celebrate the past, and there are several educational tours and activities to enjoy so that visitors can also learn a bit while on vacation.

Chester’s visitors also rave about the Stone House Antique Center! It’s an entire emporium of some of the best antique treasures in the country. You can look through old colonial, British, and old-age American gifts, centerpieces, furniture, and everything in between! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind stop and gives Chester an extra edge on the ‘Vermont weekend getaway’ list.

What did you think about all of these incredible Vermont locations? Have you packed your bags yet? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know what you think!

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