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9 Famous Places You’ll Never Believe Are in the US

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Mendenhall Glacier Caves
Photo by Zhukova Valentyna from Shutterstock

9. Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska

Here’s a famous place in Alaska you may want to visit: The Mendenhall Glacier Caves are a magical spot where water flows over millions of rocks and under frozen blue ceilings inside a partially hollow glacier.

To keep things simple, the Mendenhall ice caves are basically caves that are formed within a body of ice as water runs through the glaciers and creates a passageway. I know, it sounds a bit complicated—that’s why this article has pictures! I mean, just take a look at how this place looks and tell me you wouldn’t want to see it for yourself.

Once you’re in this famous place, the dancing ombre of light blues throughout the ice, from water to cobalt and sapphire, will truly captivate you. It’s almost unbelievable.

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