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9 Famous Places You’ll Never Believe Are in the US

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thor's well
Photo by lu_sea from Shutterstock

6. Thor’s Well, Oregon

Thor’s Well is one of the most famous places along any Oregon Coast road adventure. It’s the true definition of a natural wonder and a splendid stop during a west coast road trip because of the unique water feature that seems to be an endless sinkhole.

The theory is that the well was initially a cave that had its roof fall down due to water erosion. Basically, this collapse left a circular hole both at the top and bottom of the cave. This resulted in a large, bottomless sinkhole in the rock bed, with ocean waves traveling up and coming to the surface.

It’s definitely a famous place that leaves you jaw-dropped. The best time to see Thor’s Well in action is an hour before high tide and an hour after high tide.

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