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These Nature Photos Prove America Is Amazingly Beautiful!

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The nature in our country is truly breathtaking. No matter your destination, the beauty of the natural landscapes will never fail to amaze you. In the U.S., there are several unique places where you can find your peace and relaxation.

You won’t even believe that these AMAZING spots are located in the United States. No matter what you’re looking for, a hike, a place for a vacation, or just relaxing, these pictures will win your heart and soul.

Scroll down to see how nature will make you fall in love all over again with America.

P.S: You will be shocked to learn where number 6 is located!

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1. Bellingrath Gardens and Home 

This little piece of heaven is located in Alabama at the Bellingrath Gardens and Home. Come here and enjoy a little peace and quiet, have a picnic, or just admire all the nature that’s surrounding you.

The great red arched bridge is a wonderful piece that blends harmoniously with the natural landscape that’s surrounding it. If you happen to pass through Mobile, you shouldn’t miss this garden.

It was opened back in 1932 and it was the historic home of Walter and Bessie Bellingrath.

Fun fact: The garden is actually located on the 65-acre property of Walter Bellingrath, one of the first Coca-Cola bottlers in the Southeast.

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3 thoughts on “These Nature Photos Prove America Is Amazingly Beautiful!”

  1. Lisa V YoonWhite

    Thank you for the beautiful photos, they’re exquisite. You should also include Rocky Mountain Park, Estes, Colorado. I’ve only been once, makes you feel like you’ve entered another world, it was beautiful and if you go to the top of the trail, you’ll see snow capped mountains in the middle of summer.


    Well, Yellowstone National Park is my ALL TIME favorite destination in the USA.–even before I saw this article. However, I do think TETON NATIONAL PARK and the “Going to the Sun” highway is pretty spectacular.

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