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These 9 Magnificent Bluest Waters Worldwide Are Beckoning You

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Bluest Water
Photo by Gaspar Janos at Shutterstock

Where’s the bluest water YOU’VE ever seen?!?

There comes a certain point when the stress of everyday life builds up, and all you need is to re-center and refresh your mind and body. We’ve got the perfect solution! How about gazing off into a tranquil blue ocean?

We’ve searched for some of the bluest waters our beautiful planet has to offer to help you find your inner peace and maybe even catch a few waves and rays while you’re at it.

These beaches, lakes, seas, and bays have sceneries that range from brilliant navy blues to the lightest, most transparent turquoise you could ever imagine.

They’re the perfect places for you to reconnect with nature, family, and most importantly… yourself. So let’s check out the world’s 9 bluest waters, waiting for tourists to plunge into their watery depths!

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