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7 Incredible Vacation Ideas You’ve Never Thought of But Really Should Try

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What Was YOUR Last Vacation Idea?

We all have a few mental bucket lists with vacation ideas for our next getaways. Yours might even include Venice, The Grand Canyon, Japan, Paris, or Hollywood. While we tend to focus on destinations, specific KINDS of trips should also be on your bucket list.

Each one of these trips offers a different way to see the world. When it comes to long-awaited vacations, most people play it fairly safe.

Beach vacations or road trips are the top two vacation goals each year, and it’s easy to see why: These kinds of trips are relatively easy to organize, they provide an extensive range of activities, and can be pretty budget-friendly even when the price of gasoline resembles a bad earned-run average.

But how often can you visit the same resorts, parks, or roadside attractions before succumbing to sheer boredom? Maybe this is when you ditch the safe choice and try something new. So let’s look at 7 vacation ideas you’ve probably never tried.

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