America’s National Parks: 6 Most Beautiful Scenic Drives

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Which National Parks Have You Been To?

A trip to a national park is more than just about the destination. The journey to these remote corners of preserved natural wonders is equally enticing, including drives to and around the parks. Many of our national parks are best seen from your car.

A scenic drive through America’s national parks is a perfect way to appreciate their beauty and timelessness, so we have selected a few favorites.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t get out and breathe the fresh air and smell the flowers, but these scenic drives can’t be beaten to get the best overview of wilderness and wildlife.

Lovers of the outdoors with time for adventure can take advantage of hiking and camping in the parks, while others will want to experience the beauty of nature in a more relaxed way.

So gas up, check your spare tire, grab your GPS, and plan your next outing! Check out 6 of the best national parks for a scenic drive.

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