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8 Places You Have to See in Maldives

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Unbeatable beaches, unrivaled elegance, and an exciting underwater world make the Maldives worth it all! Painted by Mother Nature with extraordinary natural beauty and brilliance, this place entices travelers from all over the world with its unique islands, entrancing blue oceans, gleaming-sandy beaches, stunning reefs, and a range of water activities.

Because the Maldives is an island country dominated by water activities, the tourism here is entirely dependent on dry weather conditions. Hence, the months of December to April are the ideal times to visit.

In the previous ten years, the Maldives has also seen significant development, allowing them to improve their inhabited islands and making them more tourist-friendly. This postcard-perfect combination of blue, white, and green, dotted with magnificent water villas and infinite palm trees moving rhythmically, is veritable heaven on Earth!

Check out the top spots to visit during your trip to the Maldives.

Places You Have to See in the Maldives

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Male Atoll

Male Atoll is the largest city in the Maldives and is very important. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest locations to visit because it has some pretty exciting attractions. Not surprisingly, one thing you won’t be able to complain about in this tropical paradise is the weather. The monsoon season is prevalent throughout the year, making it perfect.

Things to do – As one of the most famous destinations, Male Atoll offers several excellent things to do. Scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, and a variety of other activities are available. Of course, there are some tourist places to explore, such as the Male’s National Museum and the Tsunami Monument.

Banana Reef

The reef, as the name implies, is shaped like a banana and it is teeming with gorgeous marine life, which you can see as it offers one of the greatest diving experiences in the Maldives. The island’s colors and vibrancy, as well as the aquatic life, will amaze you.

Things to do – One of the beauties of the Maldives is that you may participate in enjoyable water sports from everywhere. As you dive beneath, you may explore the reef’s stunning marine ecology. To experience even more of the enchantment, visit Maldive Victory, Hulhumal-, Alimatha Island, Biyadhoo Island, and Manta Point.

Veligandu Island

Cocktails clink in the resort’s luxurious bar, sea kayaks bob on the turquoise shoreline, and crystal-clear waves roll in softly from the inland lagoon as romantic sunsets glow red and yellow on top of the Indian Ocean. Cocktails ring in the resort’s luxurious bar. Sea kayaking sways along the turquoise coastline, with clear waves gently overlapping from the inland lagoon.

Welcome to the gorgeous Veligandu Island, which has long been considered one of the most romantic spots in the Maldives.

On this long, narrow finger of land on the western end of the North Ari Atoll, honeymooners and newlyweds are numerous, and there are plenty of magnificent coastal homes and suites to match.

Photo by donvictorio from Shutterstock


Kuredu is the self-proclaimed jewel of the Lhaviyani Atoll, which is located in the Maldivian archipelago’s central-north regions. It’s a boomerang-shaped island with a single resort that provides primitive bamboo shacks and rows of those ubiquitous over-water bungalows with verandas over the waves.

Strong currents and heavy waves make it difficult to spot manta rays and tropical schools. The entire area is totally encircled by its own fringe of white sand, and it is regarded as one of the most advanced SCUBA and snorkeling places in the country.

Kuredu also has a full 9-hole golf course, which is unusual.

Kunfunadhoo Island

If you’re looking for the Maldives’ famed grandeur and romance, the magnificent resort on Kunfunadhoo Island is the right place for you – it’s often acclaimed as one of the most luxurious locations to stay in the country.

The entrance is through a thatched timber great hall hidden among coconut palm plantations. Then it’s off to the cocktail decks perched high above the forest or the beaches, where candles flicker in the humid sea wind.

With the addition of some infinity pools, swim-up bars, and the ability to dine in a private sandbar with Indian Ocean waves as a soundtrack, it’s easy to see why this spot is so popular!


Maradhoo is an essential link in the island chain that begins with Gan to the east and is connected to it by a coastal causeway that runs just above the coral-fringed coastlines of the Seenu Atoll.

It juts out into the Indian Ocean like a finger, surrounded by tiny beachfronts and swaying coconut palm trees. The people are as relaxed and wonderful as they are at Feydhoo, and the food is spicy and rich in seafood.

Take a stroll along Link Road and flutter between the coffee shops and sandwich carts that line the streets between the palm trees.

Photo by Beetroot Studio from Shutterstock


The magnificent location of Utheemu, located on the far northern limits of the Haa Alif Atoll, the northernmost of all the Maldivian island groups, occupies a significant position in the history of this archipelago country.

That’s because it was formerly home to the legendary Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, the monarch credited with driving away Portuguese invaders from the islands in the late 16th century.

There are the customary brilliant white dunes and lapping Indian Ocean waves, but these are accented by heritage monuments such as the Utheemu Ganduvaru, a stunning timber-built palace where the esteemed leader grew up.

Alimatha Island

This island, lying on the border of the East Maldives’ Vaavu Atoll, is ideal for diving enthusiasts. You may also want to play some volleyball as the white sand surrounds you! It’s also cool since it has some fantastic massage centers, spas, bars, and, of course, the attractive beach with its azure waves.

Things to do – Canoeing on the clear blue river is no longer a pipe dream! You may do this on Alimatha Island’s Miyaru Kandu, Fotte Kandu, where the water is crystal clear, and the ambiance is charming! Diving and snorkeling are two more enjoyable activities you may do while you’re there.

The Maldives is often considered one of the best destinations when it comes to honeymoons. However, we have other suggestions too!

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