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7 Unique Igloo Hotels To Get Cozy In

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igloo hotels
Photo by Leonard Zhukovsky from Shutterstock

Would you sleep in an igloo?

You haven’t really enjoyed winter until you’ve stayed in one of the top ice hotels in the world. From igloos to rooms carved in ice and snow, these accommodations are decorated with some of the most beautiful ice sculptures and snow art you can imagine.

Basically, everything from walls to chairs, and tables is built entirely of snow. You’ll even get frozen cups if you order a drink from the ice bar. I know what you’re thinking, but no, you’re not gonna get cold, believe me. Every room has down bedding that’s rated for 30 below zero, as well as a real mattress and central warming halls. Some of them even have fireplaces!

There are lots of winter activities to keep you busy, so you’ll be able to enjoy magical reindeer sleigh rides, dog sled racing, ice-breaking cruise sails, and sauna gondolas.

Whichever you choose, make sure to add staying in an igloo hotel to your bucket list today! It will surely leave a lasting impression on your mind!

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