10 Best Christmas Towns in America (2022)

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Christmas towns
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The snow crunching underfoot, the window displays, the soft glow of lights, and, of course, the warm scent of cinnamon… I mean, who couldn’t love Christmas? Sorry, Grinch, but this is definitely the most beautiful time of the year. And these Christmas towns are packed with all the stuff we’ve come to associate with this lovely holiday season.

But what makes these places the absolute best? Whether they’ve got old-fashioned Victorian decorations, the best Christmassy light shows, or fun activities to do in the snow, these villages are the places to be if you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a Hallmark movie.

Some of the Christmas towns on our list emanate an Old World vibe, with centuries-old traditions, German markets, or a focus on the history of Christmas; others have kitschy Christmas shops and even a huge Santa statue. And yes, many boast a lot of snow!

Without further ado, let’s see some of the best Christmas towns in America!

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