9 Coolest Secret Locations in the United States

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The US has some of the coolest places and views in the world. With how wide our country spreads, it would be impossible to know all the most beautiful places and some of them are so well hidden, that unless you were a local in that state, the chances of you knowing of them are slim to none.

After all, they are called a secret for a reason! That does not mean all hope is lost, however! We have gathered some of the coolest, yet most secret locations in some of our favorite states, that we know you are going to love to visit.

From gorgeous natural phenomena to some of the most amazing places you could visit, we have a little bit of everything for everyone.

We’re sure that you’ll find something on our list, but if there is something you would like to see especially, let us know and we can feature it in an upcoming list! However, if any of our recommendations have made it on your bucket list, do tell us in one of the comments below!

secret cool us locations
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Moenkopi Wash (Arizona)

East of Tuba City in Arizona (on Navajo Nations lands) you can find the Coal Mine Canyon, which is just one of the multiple stunning little canyons you can find in Moenkopi Wash.

While a lot of the people focus mainly on the Coal Mine Canyon, there are actually multiple little canyons you can visit and explore all over Wash, that will definitely make your “cool” list.

It isn’t that secret, but it is not that well known and we are sure you will find the prospect of seeing dinosaur tracks appealing.

Because of it not being that popular, it ends up being one of the most serene areas in the state, so a visit to this location will definitely be good if you need a little oasis of silence.

Whatever your reason would be to visit it, it will be worth your while as the views are gorgeous and unique!

Bishop’s Castle (Colorado)

This one is one of the most unique places you can find in the state. Being off the beaten path, Bishop’s Castle is not like anything you have seen before. Being built by a father with the help of his son, you can even end up meeting the builder (Jim Bishop) if you stop by.

The entrance is free and the castle is something out of a fairytale with the way it is built and the historical, ancient air the stones give it.

The way up to it is an amazing addendum to any road trip by itself, as it has some of the coolest views and you can admire what mother nature has to offer on the way to the castle.

Despite it being an amazing place to visit, as you can climb around the castle, we have to warn you about the fact that it can get pretty dangerous and if you go there with young kids, you have to be very vigilant.

Don’t let this cool place charm you away from paying attention to your surroundings!

secret cool us locations
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Waianapanapa State Park (Hawaii)

The beach in Waianapanapa State Park is one of the few in the world. The Pailoa beach was created sometime hundreds of years ago, as a result of the volcano eruption.

When the hot lava meets with the sea, it quickly cools creating a mass of basaltic rock that shatters due to the fast cooling. In its wake, it leaves one of the most unique types of sand: black sand!

This beach will take your breath away because the contrast between the dark green foliage around, with the deep blue sea and the black sand will definitely stay with you in the years to come!

Believe us that if you made the trip all the way to Hawaii, you will not want to forgo this stop. You can admire the beauty of the beach and relax at the same time!

Read more about less crowded, secret Hawaii locations here!

Black Magic Canyon (Idaho)

There’s always been a lot of chatter around ancient magic around America, and nowadays there are also talks about alien sightings and bizarre landscapes. But what if we told you that there’s a place that combines the two in a weird way that only mother nature would have been capable of?

Idaho’s Black Magic Canyon is thought to be associated with magic due to the black rock formations, made out of basalt that has developed naturally and thus created a unique landscape that anyone would be inclined to think was computer created.

Being such a unique and special sight, you would think that more people knew about it.

However, what made it such a secret location is the fact that the formations can only be seen when the water at its center dries up: which is generally from August to February. It’s a great place to add to a road trip through Idaho, as it is quite close to Twin Falls!

City Market Catacombs (Indiana)

Not many people know but under Indianapolis, there is a 20,000 square foot network of pathways, passageways, and hallways hidden beneath the streets. These catacombs were built back in the 1880s out of limestone and brick, with their entrance carefully hidden from view.

Their purpose is less ominous than their names, as the place was used as a means to transport and store meat way before refrigerators were invented.

The Indianapolis City Market is one of the few surviving underground tunnel systems that were not supposed to be used for modern things, such as subways.

And it’s also one of the only catacombs that are also open for visitation on select days. It is a truly fascinating place that would make for a really interesting stop if you happen to be in Indiana on those Saturdays.

secret cool us locations
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St. Louis Cemetary No. 1 (Louisiana)

If you or anyone in your life are fans of the occult, then you will love this next stop on our list. Not only is it an impressive cemetery by itself, but this cemetery in Louisiana is actually the eternal home of the most famous voodoo practitioner, Marie Laveau.

Despite earning her living as a hairdresser, what she became famous for was the fact that she practiced magic. People went to her to get their fortune told or to buy charms that would help them with their ailments.

It has become a common legend that she had the power of saving prisoners from execution as well. Despite not being able to confirm any of these claims, it is believed that she had been buried in St. Louis Cemetary No. 1, in her family’s tomb.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the occult, it is still a cool place to visit and learn about the history of the people who once walked the streets of New Orleans. Just make sure you do not visit at night, there are people who try to communicate with Marie Laveau.

The secret sugar sands of Biloxi (Mississippi)

If you close your eyes and invision the perfect beach for a relaxing vacation, you may envision an exotic location, with crystal clear water and white sand beaches. What if I told you that you do not have to spend a hefty sum to go to such a place?

You can find a wonderful white sugar sand beach right here on American land, in good old Mississippi.  The beaches of Biloxi are not well known to tourists, which makes them a perfect place where you can spend a relaxing week during summer.

The accommodations here are very reasonably priced and you will have no problem finding a secluded place on the gorgeous beaches that span over 26 miles of the Gulf.

There are plenty of leisure activities to be done and even some historical ones if you are passionate about civil rights.

secret us locations
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Valley of Fire (Nevada)

Generally overlooked in favor of Las Vegas or Lake Tahoe, the Valley of Fire is one of the most unbelievable views you’ll find in the country.

Not something you can just pass by, the 40,000 bright red acres of Aztec sandstone nestled in between tan and grey sandstone are something you can explore for days.

As the oldest park you can find in Nevada there are lots of things you can do if you choose to vacation in the area, with several well-equipped campsites, numerous trails, and a very useful visitor center that can explain the history of the valley to you and help you if you don’t yet have a plan.

You can even see 2 millennia-old petrified trees and petroglyphs! Keep your options open, as there’s plenty more to visit in Nevada and they don’t really have to include casinos.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry (New Jersey)

Let’s be honest, New Jersey sometimes gets a pretty bad rep, especially when compared with New York. The state has plenty of amazing places and it is definitely a place you should visit at least once (as all states deserve, after all).

However, if you just happen to pass by, you should definitely take a ride aboard the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

Being one of the oldest operating ferries in the United States you are actively taking part in its history and you are also helping yourself if you have to go from New York to Washington DC.

The ferry will get you from any of these points to the other in a much straighter route and all the while you can relax and observe all the cool sights around you: from historic lighthouses to even catching a glimpse of unique seabirds.

A lot of people close their eyes to the ferry, but we think it is an opportunity you cannot miss! Especially if you plan to not make any stops between the two cities.

The best part yet? No matter what model of transportation you have (yes, even the big RVs) you can board the ferry. Just make sure you book your tickets in advance!

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