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9 Charming Small Towns in Mexico

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9 Beautiful Small Towns in Mexico

Let’s face it: small towns are charming. Maybe it’s the slow-paced lifestyle, a certain sense of community that lures you into it, or perhaps it’s the long-established tradition of the city that makes you want to know MORE. whatever it may be, it’s charming.

So if you’re dreaming to visit this year a small town, you should definitely go to Mexico. Back in 2001, the Mexican government initiated a specific program that was meant to highlight these towns.

The project was known as “Magical Towns”, probably referring to their vast cultural and natural richness. So if you’re particularly searching for such distinctions, the town you decide upon must have a little bit of everything: historic architecture, amazing landscapes, but also rooted traditions.

Everything matters the symbolism, the fantastic legends, even the hidden history. Luckily, we made a list of towns that have everything, so have a look!

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