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7 U.S. Cities Older Adults Should Not Visit

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Make the most of your golden years but not in these cities!

Many people love traveling, seeing as many places as possible and discovering new people and cultures. If you’ve made traveling your passion, the passing of time should not be an impediment to continue exploring new locations.

However, aging comes with new priorities in terms of comfort and mobility needs, interests and so on. Therefore, it’s important to choose destinations that are senior-friendly and can accommodate your actual needs. That being said, you should avoid these U.S. cities which travel experts claim are the worst travel destinations for older adults.

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Cities older adults should not visit:

Las Vegas

In spite of pictures of old ladies at the slot machines, living their best moment in Las Vegas, the City of Lights is not that easy for seniors to get around. No wonder only 12 percent of visitors are part of the senior category over 65, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

As explained by Kyle Kroeger, of the travel website ViaTravelers, “The city is known for its bright lights, loud noises, and busy crowds, which can be overwhelming for seniors who may have sensory sensitivities”. Also, in Las Vegas the temperature is rather high for older adults, particularly in summer, with those with heart problems being at risk of heart attacks.

Moreover, if seniors want to reach certain local attractions, they have to walk long distances, which can be difficult for seniors.

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San Francisco

San Francisco is an interesting and attractive destination, with its beautiful architecture, diverse culture and art, delicious food etc.’ Unfortunately, as good as all this seems, it’s the most senior-friendly city when it comes to mobility.

Due to its unstable weather and difficult terrain, seniors might want to cross the City of Fog off their Cities to Visit list. “The city is known for its steep hills and many stairs, which may be difficult for seniors with mobility issues,” warns Kroeger. Not to mention it is rather difficult to get around by public transportation as passengers have to go up and down all sorts of steep steps to get on board. Not exactly what seniors need to enjoy a good trip!

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New Orleans

New Orleans is quite popular among tourists, due to its rich culture, impressive architecture and outstanding cuisine. But the fast pace of New Orleans’ scene might be a bit overwhelming for older adults, especially when there’s some sort of festival that attracts hundreds of tourists.

“The lively atmosphere, especially during Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, may be overwhelming for some older travelers,” explains Kevin Mercier, founder of KevMRC Travel. More than that, the historic area might be difficult to visit on foot due to the difficult terrain and lack of mobility features.

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New York

The Big Apple is the city that everyone wishes to visit at least once throughout their lifetime. But the hectic life, busy streets, impressive skyscrapers and everything else New York City has to offer can be both exciting and overwhelming.

It can be particularly stressful for seniors, particularly those suffering from mobility issues.  They have to navigate the busy streets, the people always on the run as well as the crowds of tourists flocking to get a look at the most popular spots in New York. They might get pushed around, not intentionally but enough to make the experience of visiting New York a bit more challenging.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles seems like a good destination for older adults. With its moderate climate, beautiful beaches, impressive museums and exquisite restaurants, the City of Angels can be quite attractive for fans of Hollywood and all the glamour that comes with it.

In spite of all that, travel specialists don’t recommend it for older adults as its transportation system is not exactly senior-friendly. As explained by Jason Gottschalk, founder of Vibrant Aging Insider, there are not that many options when it comes to means of public transportation, in comparison to other cities.

The other option would be for seniors to go by private cars, which might not work for many of them; not to mention they’d have to go through all those stressful traffic jams.

Anchorage, Alaska

A trip to Alaska is in itself, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But for older adults, it might require a bit more preparation and planning. There are certain important aspects that need to be considered, such as “its remote location, challenging climate, and rugged terrain can be less accommodating for seniors,” warns Mercier.

In addition, the extremely cold winters and long nights might make it more difficult for seniors to really appreciate this stunning but wild location.

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Chicago is not called Windy City for nothing. The frigid breezes that sweep the city’s streets might not be easily endured by older adults. The icy pavements do not simplify the job either.

“While the city has an extensive public transportation system, it may be less accessible for those with mobility issues due to the age of some train stations and buses,” warns Gottschalk.

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Bottom line

For many people, planning a trip to another city and exploring the outside world doesn’t require much planning. But for seniors, especially ones with mobility issues, the destination matters. Unfortunately, many cities across the United States are not senior-friendly, with countless stairs to climb, all sorts of obstacles, hazardous sidewalks, and improper lighting. In addition, public transportation is not helping.

Fortunately, there are destinations that can be safe and attractive to seniors as well, which accommodate their needs to a higher degree. Those are the ones seniors should focus on! Like these 7 Relaxing City Breaks Seniors Can Enjoy on a Budget.

Also, here’s a short list of recommended cities where seniors can easily walk, without major impediments, as the terrain is relatively flat:

  1. Washington D.C.
  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Jersey City, New Jersey
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