Best Hidden Vacation Spots in the U.S.

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There are lots of impressive and breathtaking vacation spots in the U.S., from beautiful national parks where nature meets wildlife to serene beaches where you can hear the waves crash into the shore, we have plenty of places to go.

Usually, Americans choose a popular place to spend their vacation, but not many people know that the best experience that they can have will be found in hidden spots, those small towns or corners of nature that we’ve forgotten about.

If you don’t have a clue where to start here are some valuable suggestions:

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1. Baxter State Park, Maine 

If you like to hike and you are looking for new spots where there are amazing landscapes, Baxter State Park can be the next destination on your bucket list. If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the animal kingdom.

Find your peace in the wildest nature areas of the East Coast. While you’re there make sure you don’t miss the Knife Edge Trail, which is considered one of the most EPIC hikes in New England. Bear in mind that you need the proper equipment and to have the right skills for it, since it’s not a trail for amateurs.

2. Stanley, Idaho

If you’re looking for a small town with beautiful landscapes and astonishing nature, Stanley may be the one for you. It’s a small town in Idaho, quite perfect for relaxation and a rustic vacation.

You can stop by the Sawtooth National Forest, Sawtooth Lake, and Stanley Lake which will make this experience unforgettable for you. Hikers will not be disappointed. The Mountain Village Resort is a good accommodation for you, having amazing local-inspired meals and warming leisure.

There’s also a famous museum which discusses the history of Stanley.

3. Solvang, California

If you ever wanted to visit Germany, now you can, but it’s right in your country. Solvang is a small town in California whose resemblance to any city in Germany is AMAZING! It’s 2 hours away by car from Los Angeles and under an hour from Santa Barbara.

The hotels are great, it’s not crowded, and the best time to visit is usually during spring. This city is also known as the Danish capital of the U.S. Judging by the picture it’s a unique part of the country which deserves a visit.

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4. The White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Yes, this amazing place is in the U.S., and you didn’t know about it until NOW! Located in New Mexico, the White Sands National Park is simply out of this world! To enjoy this park to its fullest, make sure you come during the spring or the early months of autumn.

It’s one of the most beautiful national parks in the country, the surreal sighting makes it seem like a complete winter wonderland. You can have lots of fun while hiking, sandboarding, and sliding down the dunes.

Unfortunately, there are no hotels or camping sites in the park, but you can book something in Alamogordo, a town nearby.

5. Carmel, California

Breathtaking view, isn’t it? Almost too good to be true! This amazing vacation spot is just 2 hours away from San Francisco by car. The best time to enjoy the serenity is between August and October.

Carmel is surrounded by great restaurants, beaches, art galleries, and accommodations. The most popular attraction is the Carmel Meadows Trail because of its beautiful view and incredible experience. Take the time and spend at least a full weekend, enjoy a glass of wine at the local wineries, go on a hike, relax and enjoy the moment.

6. Texas Hill Country, Texas

Looks just like a fairytale land, doesn’t it? It takes 1 hour by car from Austin to get to this magical place. Talk about hidden gems, this vacation spot is the best place for relaxation and peace. In addition, this is the best unknown place for wine.

There are also a few lakes nearby great for tubing, swimming, and boating. Consider coming here anytime in late March until mid-April when the blossoming takes place. You can easily find accommodations nearby.

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7. Jekyll Island, Gerogia

Jekyll Island is the mother of all wild beaches in the U.S. From Jacksonville, it takes an hour and a half drive to get here. While you’re here you will get the feeling that you’re on your own private island.

It’s the perfect getaway. Get a bottle of wine, a good meal, a blanket, drive and enjoy the day while gazing at this beautiful landscape, while listening to the waves crashing. The fact that this beach is not commercialized makes it even more beautiful.

If you are a turtle lover then you can also stop by at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, a center dedicated to turtle education and rehabilitation. There’s also a water park nearby where you can have lots of fun.

In addition, the restaurants in the area are filled with delicious meals and a great culinary experience overall.

8. Eastern Shore, Virginia

40 minutes away from Virginia Beach, Eastern Shore is a small region with 45,000 residents. You can fish, swim, and boat around as well as observe the wild ponies and birds around the area.

Have a picnic on the beach, enjoy the sunsets, and go visit the Assateague Lighthouse. Spend at least one full weekend there to recharge your batteries, it will be worth it. Accommodation can be easily found, so no worries about that, there’s an affordable wide range which you can choose from.

The seaside cottages are guaranteed to get to your heart in an instant.

9. Hudson Valley, New York

This vacation spot is truly one of a kind. New York is an iconic city, without a doubt, but it’s sometimes overshadowing the beautiful Hudson Valley. The valley is filled with farms, woods, and parks. The best time to visit it is during the summer or in the fall to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking landscaping colors.

There are farms that even allow you to pick up fruits and, depending on the season, you will get a handful of peaches, apples, and pears, perfect for making some jam. As expected, there are many antique shops, museums, and house tours.

If hiking lovers are interested in visiting this beautiful vacation spot, they have plenty of options for an unforgettable hike such as Black Creek Preserve Trail, and Minnewaska State Park.

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When it comes to vacation spots, picking the right destination can be challenging. Especially, now, when people tend to enjoy their vacation less and less or they don’t have so much fun anymore. That can be for several reasons but one of them is that the places that they are going to are no longer good enough or relaxing enough for them.

That can also be because they are highly populated and those no longer represent a serene place where they can doze off. Finding unique places, and hidden gems across America can turn out to be an adventure and the experience of a lifetime that many people enjoy.

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