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The 9 Most Bizarre Gardens in the World

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bizarre garden
Photo by Simon Bond

Which Bizarre Gardens?

Usually, when we picture a grand garden, the idea we initially have in mind is to find one that is obviously pleasing to the eye. But what does that mean exactly? Gardens are some of the world’s most sought-after outdoor areas.

They’re a place to stop, reconnect, and reflect on the wonders of our world. Maybe even enjoy a picnic, surrounded by all that nature offers. But some gardens are much more unique than others.

We’ve found some fantastic, sometimes peculiar, and even deadly gardens that aren’t just a typical bed of roses. While botanical gardens offer a look at beautiful plants and the delicacy of nature, these bizarre gardens offer things that can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth.

Some even remind us of the dangers of the natural world. Others show the perseverance of nature in hostile environments. And others can be a testament to the force of human creation long after habitation.

These growing spaces are much more than pretty flower beds and deserve a dedicated trip of their very own.

Keep reading to see 9 of the most bizarre gardens the world has to offer!

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