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10 Most Incredible Underwater Sights

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Underwater Sights

Did you know that there is a whole world to explore under the water’s surface? From submerged cities that date back many, many years to brilliantly white caves that look like underwater cathedrals, and even hotels, we’ve traveled through the watery depths to find the world’s most incredible underwater sights… Ready to dive in?

You can dive right in and soak up the world’s most incredibly unique underwater sights. Some of the most incredible places on the planet happen to be covered in water. And trust us, they are ALL well worth the dive. But don’t worry, if the thought of diving scares you, there are many snorkeling opportunities and a few sights that can even be seen above water!

Keep reading to see 10 of the best underwater sites worldwide, including museums, hotels, many shipwrecks, and even a fully functioning post office!

underwater sight
Photo by R Gombarik at Shutterstock

Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park is a cluster of ecological underwater sights with contemporary art pieces found in the Caribbean Sea by the west coast of Grenada.

It’s the world’s first underwater park and was designed in 2007 by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who later created similar installations worldwide. The Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada has even been listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.

You’ll find it underneath the waves, two miles away from the capital city St. George’s, in the beautiful Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area. There are 75 sculptures, including a famous ring of children that are holding hands, and also the well-known “Lost Correspondent” sitting contemplatively behind his typewriter.

WOW! We’ve never thought to check out any underwater sights for our next vacation, have you?

Sweepstakes Shipwreck, Lake Huron, Canada

You’ll find over 6,000 underwater sights with shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, most of which people have never accessed. But, many of them are visible in the clear shallower waters, including the schooner Sweepstakes, which is in Lake Huron’s Big Tub Harbour, found in Fathom Five National Marine Park.

This boat sank roughly 50 yards from the shore in 1885 and has remained surprisingly whole since then, making it a popular attraction for many tourists and divers. The deep clear water and the numerous shipwrecks attract over 8,000 divers from around the world annually. In fact, Tobermory is known as the Scuba Diving Capital of Canada if you’re a diving fan… How’s that for an underwater sight?!?

underwater sight
Photo by Cristian Umili at Shutterstock

Christ of the Abyss, Italy

The Christ of the Abyss is an impressive bronze statue that was placed in 1954 not far from the bay of San Fruttuoso, between Camogli and Portofino from inside the protected natural marine Portofino. This underwater sight is the original underwater Jesus statue, although a few copies do exist in other places as well. It’s presently coral-encrusted, and this statue is 7 feet high and rests 55 feet underwater.

Sculpted by Guido Galletti, it was commissioned by Duilio Marcante in 1954, the Italian scuba diver. It’s meant to honor fellow scuba diver Dario Gonzatti who died while diving in the area in 1947. The statue of Cristo Degli Abissi was then placed by the Italian Navy and has been visited by many divers over the years.

Would YOU ever consider visiting this underwater sight?

Silfra fissure, Iceland

Iceland’s Silfra fissure offers adventurers that no other diving spot in the world can, the chance for you to swim in between two continental plates!

There’s a crack between the Eurasian and North American plates which widens around two centimeters every year. Divers and snorkelers have the opportunity to enjoy the impressive water visibility, bright green algae, and sheer geological uniqueness… any time of year.

DIVE.IS operates snorkeling Trips for underwater sights to Silfra in the National Park Thingvellir. They lead several Snorkeling Day Tours, including the all-time bestseller, the Snorkeling Silfra Day Tour. But several other Combo Tours are available as well. You can combine Snorkeling in Silfra with the Golden Circle, Caving in a lava tube, a visit to the Blue Lagoon, and even Horseback Riding is an option.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Encircled by an atoll, this enormous, cylindrical sinkhole just 60 miles off the coast of Belize is said to blink like a colossal eye from underneath the waves. It is 400 feet deep and close to 1000 feet wide. That makes it one of the biggest submarine sinkholes in the world.

World-famous explorer Jacques Cousteau made this underwater sight well known when he filmed it back in the 70s. Today this location is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s a world-class getaway for recreational scuba divers drawn to the opportunity to dive in crystal-clear waters. You’ll see a myriad of different marine life species, including tropical fish and stunning coral formations.

Dos Ojos (Two Eyes), Tulum, Mexico

This cavernous cenote with double entry points, hence the name “Two Eyes,” is such an incredible underwater sight that it was featured in the IMAX movie: Journey Into Amazing Caves, and also on an episode of the BBC’s Planet Earth. It’s ideal for snorkelers and experienced scuba divers. Dos Ojos is really referring to two neighboring cenotes connected by a large cavern that connects to an underground river.

The original explorations of this water system, one of the largest in the world, started in the Dos Ojos cenotes, and the total length of the combined system was measured at 193.22 miles. Two eyes is a perfect place to do your first cenote dive due to its vast spaces, crystal clear waters, and heavy residue, which is not easily disturbed.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Shipwreck Trail, US

At the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary starts a trail of historic shipwrecks, spread along the coral reefs and planted in the sandy shallows just a few miles offshore. This 120-mile-long trail runs from Key Largo to Key West. These underwater sights are emphasized by wrecks of military ships and even ancient Spanish galleons.

The most recent wreck is the purposely sunk 524ft long USS Vandenberg, a missile tracker, huge radar dishes, and an art gallery. The oldest one is the San Pedro, once part of a Spanish treasure fleet that sunk in 1733.

Visitors here are encouraged to explore the areas along the trail. But an underwater guide is also available for each site on the Shipwreck Trail, which provides the shipwreck and mooring buoy positions, history, and lots of other information about the marine life that divers may encounter.

USAT Liberty, Bali, Indonesia

This underwater sight is a supply ship that was stranded on the beach after being hit by a Japanese torpedo during WWII, only to be pushed back into the water by the magma from a volcano eruption back in 1963. The great thing is that the shallow area of the wreck is only 13 feet under the water, making it easy for snorkelers, not just divers, to access it.

In fact, it’s the most famous dive site in all of Bali. It’s also one of the best sunken shipwrecks in the world! If you go to Bali, you absolutely have to take a dive here. The wreck is about 425 feet long, with the shallowest part at about 16 feet deep, and the deepest on the other end of the wreck at about 100 feet deep.

underwater sight
Photo by Juancat at Shutterstock

Underwater Post Office, Vanuatu

Many visitors have given Vanuatu’s underwater post office their stamp of approval. It’s the first and only underwater post office in the world and can be found off the coast in the famous Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary less than 10 feet under the sea.

The Underwater Post Office is fully functioning, and people can don snorkeling gear, swim down to the fiberglass booth, mail waterproof postcards to their loved ones…and also pose for a fun vacation photo, of course. Scuba diving is also very popular in the area. Can you imagine putting on all that gear just to send some mail?!?

Never thought a post office could be an underwater sight, could you?!?

Hotel Atlantis, Dubai

This resort is a 1,548-room ocean-themed destination resort, and you’ll be spectacularly situated on the crescent of Dubai’s iconic Palm Island. With views across Dubai’s famous skyline and Arabian sea, this magnificent resort offers unique rooms and unforgettable experiences for everyone.

You will be engrossed in new experiences with all the underwater sites that you could have never even imagined. Be sure to book an Underwater Suite at Atlantis The Palm if you’re ever here. It’s very well-known for its water park, aquarium, and most importantly…underwater suites.

In any one of these suites, you can wake up to a world of swooping, stunning stingrays, psychedelic schools of fish, and lurking sharks. But don’t worry, you’ll be safely tucked away behind some very large thick windows.

What did you think about all of these incredible underwater sights? Would YOU venture into these waters to see the incredible views? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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