Forbidden Places You Could Never Visit in the US

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Forbidden Places

There is an endless number of locations around our country to choose from when picking out our next getaway. But, we have also found some forbidden places that will NOT welcome any visitors, and they probably have good reasons! The reasons can range from safety, security, or even military restrictions.

There are some areas no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to visit. These places are so entangled in secrecy that very little is known about the inner workings and what actually happens there. Secret facilities, exclusive clubs, and holy temples are shielded from the public.

But we’ve done our best to get the 411 on 11 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit. Now when something is not permitted to visitors, it’s usually for a good reason, and although we may question why it’s prohibited, it’s probably best we follow the rules. And don’t feel bad. If you insist on taking that “road less traveled” type of trip, as a bonus, we’ve also found some places that you CAN visit….but at your own risk!

You should keep reading to see all of the abnormal forbidden places!

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Forbidden Place: Mount Weather, VA

Along the Loudoun-Clarke County border in Virginia, there is a 564-acre high-security federal government facility known as Mt. Weather. This top-secret facility serves as a backup facility for the US Department of Homeland Security for national emergency operations.

The site runs an around-the-clock system that monitors intelligence and security issues for the whole nation.

Furthermore, this location serves as part of the government’s planning for emergency situations and disasters and has also been used as a secret bunker for some top government officials. This operations center, which is crucial for the government, has maximum security, and you will unfortunately never have the opportunity to tour the area.

Forbidden Place: Disney Club 33, CA

In Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, behind a secret locked door, is where one of the most private and elite institutions can be found. It’s called Club33, and it’s located near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

This is an exclusive lounge where the members can relax in luxury… and even an alcoholic drink, while hidden away in an ultra-secret society. It opened in May 1967 with the intended use for Disneyland’s corporate sponsors and some other industry VIPs.

But today, you can BUY yourself a membership for $25,000, not including the annual fees of $10,000. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, California, you’ve probably walked right by Club33 without even knowing it because the entrance to it is hidden in plain sight!

Forbidden Place: Google Data Center, GA

Google has been calling Atlanta, Georgia, home ever since 2003 in its efforts and successes in building the world’s most well-organized data centers. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Google doesn’t mess around when it comes to their maximum security in their data centers.

Noone other than employees are allowed inside… I’m sure we can all understand why! To keep all their customers’ data safe, they make sure the physical structure of the data center is completely protected. Each data center is shielded with six layers of physical security designed to prevent any unauthorized access.

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Forbidden Place: The Coca-Cola Vault, GA

The world of Coca-Cola in Atlanta is a destination frequently visited by tourists. However, not everything there is available to the public. In the exhibit, you’ll find a trusty vault that has held a secret since 1886… the recipe for Coca-Cola. It was only ever shared with a few people and had never been written down until it was eventually put on paper and checked into SunTrust Bank, from 1925 until it was moved to its current location in 2010.

Today the formula is only known by approximately three people. The museum is home to several other exhibits on topics ranging from the company’s history to the bottling method.

Visitors can even have their pictures taken with the famous polar bear mascot, and sample various Coca-Cola drinks from around the world, including Japan’s Fanta Melon Frosty and Brazil’s Guaraná Kuat. To be clear, visitors are welcome to SEE the vault. You just won’t be able to see the formula itself… unless you buy the company, of course!

Forbidden Place: Granite Mountain Secret Vault, UT

In Salt Lake City is where you’ll find the world’s most extensive collection of genealogical records ever to have existed. If you’re familiar with the Mormon religion, you probably know they’re also renowned genealogists and have collected and cataloged documents and records on almost every family in the US.

The process all began with the efforts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who started this collection and then needed an extra-secure location for their fast-growing archive records.

This led to them blasting a cavern into the side of a mountain known as Little Cottonwood Canyon, which now holds hundreds of thousands of genealogical records 700ft beneath the earth. They also have maximum security to guarantee that these sensitive documents are never revealed to the public or wandering tourists.

Forbidden Place: Fort Knox, KY

I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression, “You’d think it was Fort Knox with all this security.” It’s been used lots of times all over the world, but what exactly IS Fort Knox, and why is it believed to have the highest level of security? It only makes sense that the hideaway for the US’s gold reserves is known as the most guarded place on earth.

It’s kept away in extremely guarded vaults, and no person alone would be able to make it into one of these esteemed vaults. Each is kept safe with numerous lock combinations, and with employees only knowing one variety at a time, it’s virtually impossible to ever gain access into Fort Knox.

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Forbidden Place: Area 51, NV

This one is probably one of the most well-known forbidden places we can think of! It’s all about Nevada’s Area 51 and the presumed alien activity that goes down there in the desert. But what does the United States’ most famous military base really have to do with aliens?

Enclosed only by a chained fence and a very intimidating “no trespassing” sign, one would think that one of America’s most top-secret areas would be better defended.

However, don’t be fooled. Even if you take a few steps near Area 51, your every move will undoubtedly be watched and documented. Area 51 lies more than 80 miles away from Las Vegas, with all its mysteries, myths, and dubious stories, which we’re sure will eternally remain unknown to the general public.

Forbidden Place: North Brother Island, NY

Not only is this New York North Brother Island a forbidden place, but it’s also hidden, overrun by weeds, and unsafe for the general public. It’s also safe to say that its sensitive ecosystem is much safer without any visitors. The dystopian-looking island was abandoned over 50 years ago, but before that, in the mid-nineteenth century, North Brother Island was a hot spot for the sick!

At that time in history, all sorts of diseases and illnesses were rampant throughout New York, and this isolated island was a perfect location for the sick to be quarantined. Located not too far from the South Bronx off the East River, it’s been nicknamed ‘Hells Gate’ for its dangerous waters and is rightfully off-limits.

Forbidden Place: Ni’ihau Island, HI

You may or may not have heard of a top-secret island in Hawaii. If you haven’t, it may be because it’s been nicknamed The Forbidden Island and has been privately owned by the same family since 1864. Not much has been documented about life on the island, but it’s been described as a spot where time stands still and where its few habitants follow an older way of life.

With no internet, electricity, restaurants, cars, roads, stores, or even plumbing, Ni’ihau has remained a rare untouched island, free from the advancements and hassles of modern life. One source has estimated that only about 70 free-spirited souls live on this private and magnificent piece of heaven in Hawaii.

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Forbidden Place: Cheyenne Mountain Complex, CO

Nicknamed “America’s Fortress,” the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is the ultimate bunker, built into the pristine granite of the mountain, and can resist just about any type of external threat.

Rising 9565ft above sea level, this enormous mountain is also home to the nation’s most secure and fortified military structure and 15 building complexes that will alert officials about anything to do with ongoing threats of attack on our country.

As for the employees of this Complex, it’s not exactly the type of work environment where you can just walk into the office. Employees must take a bus to their designated area, some of them even 2000ft below ground.

Bonus: These are not Forbidden Places…but do you REALLY want to visit them?

Salton Sea On Bombay Beach, California

How would you like to walk where Frank Sinatra walked? Well, you COULD here… we’re just not sure you’d want to! Back in the 50s and 60s, this beach was a thriving and energetic beach resort with a golf course, huge marina, and a yacht club. But the area now looks like a complete post-apocalyptic abandoned beach village.

The Biltmore Estate, North Carolina

At first, though, visiting the estate where the Vanderbilts called home sounds like a dream getaway. But apparently, it’s believed that George Vanderbilt, who passed away from appendicitis in 1914, still haunts this vast estate which is now open to the public. Many have stated that the Vanderbilt family still resides in their former lavish home.

What did you think about all of these forbidden places? Would you visit any of them if you could? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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