13 Remarkable Train Tours For Railway Fanatics

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While American history is deeply rooted in the railway industry, including many cities that were once thriving railroad axes, today, we usually navigate our gorgeous country by car. Yet, there’s something nostalgic and unique about hopping on board to see the untouched wilderness throughout the US. If touring in North America possesses one problem, it’s where do you begin?

North America holds a wide variety of wonderful cities and towns to visit, artificial and natural wonders to gawk at, and fun activities to participate in. So why not discover America’s most popular destinations on a guided train tour? Setting off with an unknown group for guided travel through the country allows for an exciting sense of friendship as you voyage between destinations.

Who knows, you may even be traveling through the Old West on a train that horse-riding bandits might just rob! Here are 13 train tours you won’t want to miss in America.

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  1. Send me info on dinner cars and food . Are plastic eating tools still used???? Like eating at a fast food place????

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