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7 Travel Destinations You’re Most Likely to Be Pickpocketed

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USA Wanderers presents: the top 10 pickpocket cities

They say travel calms the spirit and broadens the mind. While it’s true that the world is home to some of the most amazing places, unfortunately, travel crime does exist even in destinations like these.

In fact, travel lovers are the most likely victims of pickpockets around the world. Whether true or not, thieves often view travelers as wealthy, making tourists a prime opportunity in a pickpocket’s mind.

The last thing you want when going on a vacation abroad is to end up without your money, phone, or even the entire bag. We’ve rounded up the top pickpocket cities in the world where this is most likely to occur.

Don’t let the increased pickpocketing risk stop you from visiting these iconic destinations; just minimize the chances by staying vigilant and alert. Without further ado, here are the cities where the chances of being prey to a thief are high!

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