7 Oasis Retreats Where You Forget All Your Problems

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Courtesy of Three Forks Ranch

Three Forks Ranch (Savery, Wyoming)

This cattle ranch of 200.000 acres is located on the Colorado-Wyoming border in the Rocky Mountains, 40 miles north of Steamboat Springs. The luxury property is very exclusive and has only 15 bedrooms and suites, and a 6,000-square-foot spa. The 100 employees are the ones that help guests on their wellness journey.

The property’s program, developed in collaboration with The Mayo Clinic, involves five tests that examine your overall physical health. The customized, data-driven approach will then target your unique goals based on your usual level of physical activity and the desired level of activity.

During your stay, you will also be given access to virtual sessions with a Mayo Clinic physician. Traditional gym training is supplemented by Pilates, barre, mindfulness, sound therapy, and aerial yoga. 

If you love nature and you want to spend your time outside going on adventures, hiking, fly fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and hunting are among common outdoor activities. As you can see, this scenic place is perfect for every season. 

Furthermore, if you are into cooking, discover the advantages of sustainable and healthy eating practices at The Kitchen Academy.

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