4 Gorgeous U.S. Places to Visit While Waiting for Your Passport

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4. Asbury Park, New Jersey

New Jersey does not make it on many people’s U.S. places to visit lists, but we think that this should be changed! Not only does this state have a lot to offer tourists, but there are amazing cities and attractions you can visit here no matter what. Leave aside any stereotypes and memories about the Jersey Shore; your time here is not going to be anything like that!

The location we suggest for your bucket list is Asbury Park! This seaside town is on the smaller side, but it definitely makes up for it in personality and how relaxing and quaint it is. The beachfront in this town is famous, along with its boardwalk, which is going to give you the chance to take some amazing pictures. Not to mention, if you have been in a nostalgic mood lately, the Silverball Retro Arcade is definitely a place you do not want to miss!

The city is the best place by the sea to recharge your batteries and relax, as well as catch some great food and even live music, as the town is known for its live music venues and its 1920s Paramount Theatre. You will not regret a vacation in this iconic U.S. place!

Did any of our locations make it on your U.S. places to visit bucket list?

We cannot end our list of places you definitely have to visit without adding one of the most iconic road trips to it as well! However, since the road trip itself has a lot of stops that you should definitely not miss, we cannot detail all of them here. Instead, we recommend you read all about the 10 most amazing Route 66 stops you HAVE to make here!

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