8 Disgusting Things Hotels Are STILL Doing to Save Money

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Let’s Talk About The Disgusting Habits Of Hotels!

Hotels are often the best accommodations you can get when traveling. If you’re traveling to different countries, it can also be your SAFEST bet.

These buildings are usually in the middle of a city center, near a tourist spot, and are easily accessible from airports, buses, and train stations.

Since so many people stay in hotels, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that those rooms aren’t always as clean as they’re supposed to be. In one pre-COVID study, 81% of hotel surfaces had at least SOME fecal bacteria.

But that was before pre-pandemic, so things have changed now, right? …Not necessarily.

While travel experts say you can trust specific hotels to be clean, here’s the general issue: Hotels are in the business of making money, especially after the hospitality industry was hit so hard during covid. They earn more money by cutting corners.

What we don’t see on their websites, and while booking a room on an app, is the different ways a hotel milks its guests when checking in.

These hotels are machines that generate money for the owners and stockholders and obtain it from their honored and esteemed guests. Let’s discuss hotels’ sneaky methods to get guests to spend more money.

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