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10 Epic US Winter Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

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Photo by ksenia_she from Envato

Usually, we tend to avoid freezing temperatures, so we’d rather stay inside in the warmth of our homes. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to only choose indoor activities such as watching Netflix or reading a book.

Winter festivals, for instance, are an excellent option that can draw you back outdoors. They feature lots of fun activities that match these chilly times. Some of them may even provide several interior activities, but most people choose winter festivals for their pretty cool feats of skill and public demonstrations.

From coast to coast, these winter events celebrate the beauty of the lesser-appealing months between New Year’s Eve and springtime, offering everything from parades dedicated to mythical Nordic god-kings to polar plunges.

So, grab your puffy coats, mittens, and beanies: these 10 epic US winter festivals are worth braving the cold for!

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